Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015)

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Dissidia Final Fantasy



Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Arcade
PlayStation 4
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Arcade
November 26, 2015
PlayStation 4
January 30, 2018

Microsoft Windows
WW: March 12, 2019
Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Square Enix
Franchise: Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy (known as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for the PlayStation 4) is a crossover fighting game with RPG elements developed by Koei Tecmo's Team Ninja and published by Square Enix. The game was first released as an arcade exclusively for Japan on November 26, 2015, and then ported to the PlayStation 4 on January 11, 2018, in Japan and January 30 worldwide. The game is a pseudo-reboot-sequel to the original Dissidia Final Fantasy and shares the same name. It was officially discontinued on February 18, 2020.

Bad Qualities

  1. The story is pretty lackluster, short, and is merely an excuse plot and nothing else. The characters don't even have any interactions with each other and some don't even show up in the main story.
  2. There were no new villains introduced to the Arcade version nor the PlayStation 4 port, despite there being four mainline games released, and the game now including both Tactics and Type-0 characters. This is even worse since the game removed Gilgamesh and Feral Chaos, meaning that the roster of villains is actually less than the previous game (barring DLC).
  3. The number of changes in both versions of the game was not accepted by fans due to them removing features like custom move sets for bravery attacks, EX mode, and EX Bursts. There are even more features removed or changed such as:
    • The fact that you play online matches to level up and unlock "Memoria" where you then watch a one-minute cutscene that is not linked to any specific character storyline while maybe having some fights depending on which option you picked, something that wasn't in the PSP games.
    • The removal of many combat features from previous installments, like lowing the number of summons available and changing the combat to have only three-on-three. You want 1v2, 1v3, 2v2, 2v3, or just single combat? Nope, you need to drag a few unwanted participants with you just to get the fight you wanted.
  4. The HUD in the arcade version was extremely cluttered, making it hard to stay focused when fighting an opponent. Thankfully the PlayStation 4 port made the HUD much smaller.
  5. Some of the characters are completely wasted for this game, the worst examples being:
    • Golbez. Not only is he the villain with the least amount of screentime, he doesn't even say a single word in the entire Story Mode even though he has a voice actor in both English and Japanese. While he did play an actual role in future story DLC, it's still disappointing to see him relegated to a voiceless side role in the base game, especially after how he was in the previous games.
    • Ace and Ramza have no role in the story at all despite the two being completely new to the Dissidia games.
    • Neither Materia nor Spiritus is playable or even takes part in battle as a boss.

Good Qualities

  1. The cutscene before the final boss (Where the heroes and villains fight each other in order to lure Shinryu out in the open so the two forces can lay a massive beatdown on him) was praised for Shinryu finally getting his comeuppance and being the only bit in the story worthwhile.
  2. The graphics are wonderful and pleasing to look at.
  3. As expected for the Final Fantasy series, the music is fantastic.
  4. The gameplay is still pretty good even though it was ruined in some aspects.




one month ago
Score 1
this is the worst Final Fantasy game that I have played in my opinion.


one month ago
Score 1
I remember this game having a page on here 2 years ago, but then Vicious deleted it because he said the score on Metacritic wasn't "bad enough to give this game a page on this wiki".


one month ago
Score 0
Well, from my research on the game, it is very mixed.

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