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Dirty Dancing: The Video Game

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Dirty Dancing: The Video Game
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a dance-themed game where there is no dance!
Genre(s): Puzzle
Rating(s): ESRB: E
PEGI: 3+
USK: 6
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: EU: November 2, 2007
NA: November 20, 2007
AU: February 1, 2008
Engine: Adobe Flash
Developer(s): Say Design
Publisher(s): Codemasters[1]
Country: United States
Series: Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing: The Video Game is a 2007 puzzle game based on the 1987 movie of the same name. Developed by Say Design and published by Codemasters for Microsoft Windows.


  • Mahjong - Unlike all Mahjongs, it offers cards. The task is to combine cards until there are no cards on the table.
  • Talent Show Search - The main task is to find at least half of the items on the list in the room.
  • Breakfast Buffet - The main task is to combine at least three dishes repeatedly until the large water tank on the left is full.
  • Bellboy Bedlan - The task is to click on all guests in the hotel when they enter, when they book, when they go to their rooms and even when they leave.
  • Melon Mayhen - The task is to move the rectangle on which the dancers are so that the watermelon with the size of the dancers can move to the south.
  • Log Balance - The goal of the mission is to cross the log to the other side.
  • Video Jigsaw - Moving puzzles with fragments of the film that loop into the one second.
  • Trivia - Quiz about the movie Dirty Dancing.
  • Dance Contest - The task is to click these circles at the right time.
  • Pinball

Why It Can't Dance

  1. Games made in Flash, especially old ones, are usually free, with the exception of this game, which is also inferior in quality to any Flash game.
  2. Poor grasp of the source material. The game has absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in the movie. It was made into a compilation of mini-games that looks like a free MS-DOS or Amiga game for casuals from the late 80s.
  3. Like several games from Blast!, the game was released 20 years after the movie, after it was popular.
  4. False advertising: As the title says, dance should occur, though it doesn't really exist.
  5. Extremely lazily-done cover art, matching the level of Little Britain: The Video Game. The cover itself is taken from the movie poster, without standing out absolutely anything, without adding any variety.
  6. The graphics look horrible. It can be concluded that it was made in Flash, although the possibilities although have their own standards, the developers drew like kids from primary school, while learning art and computer science.
  7. Awful in-game soundtrack that sounds like a cacophony. The developers added one song from the movie, but not the one for which the film received an Oscar, which is (I've Had) The Time of My Life, but different.
  8. The sound effects are so embarrassing that they cause severe vomiting and ear-bleeding, even by the standards of Flash games.
  9. Absolutely poor menu. You can only change the volume of music and sounds, and switch from full to window mode, where it is not possible to change the video mode (the game only runs in 800x600 in a 2007 game).
  10. Creating an avatar doesn't matter, it has no difference if you create a male or female avatar. The only thing you will see is a thumbnail of your created avatar's face on the top, and the whole on the left in the mini-games selection menu.
  11. Bad plot with simple dialogues and horrible-looking cutscenes that everyone will skip. In short, your main task is to win a dance competition.
  12. In the introduction, they suggest that when playing mini-games you buy various furnitures in your home. Although it doesn't matter at all. Nobody will see your home, you won't get any points for buying expensive furnitures.
    • Returning to the furniture, you can buy a watermelon, which is considered as a furniture!
  13. Absolutely boring and weird mini-games.
    • The Mahjong mini-game is ridiculously easy. The code for this game was created so that there are immediately very close pairs.
    • In the Talent Show Search mini-game from the second level, regardless of whether you set the window mode or full mode, the cursor is invisible and it is actually hard to find something.
    • The Breakfast Buffet mini-game is a copy of Bejeweled, which is as easy as the first mini-game. Maybe the food is broken and there are flies that make it difficult for you to do the task, although they do nothing.
    • The Bellboy Bedlan mini-game is painfully repetitive.
    • The Log Balance mini-game is absolutely boring. In the movie, during a scene with a log, as one of the characters will be killed by voracious fish, whirlwinds and other natural disasters. The game was limited to wind and sticking to the log, which this log is surprisingly long, almost infinite.
    • In the Video Jigsaw mini-game, the scenes are randomly picked up in addition uninteresting with annoying music.
    • In the Pinball mini-game, Everything is set on one button, both paddles and the ball launcher.
    • The last, or the most important mini-game from this crazy compilation, Dance Contest, is a one big paranoia. You won't meet any dancers, you won't practically dance. The mini-game resembles the osu! rhythm game, where you have to click precisely on the circles at the right time. There is nothing on the screen except the place where you "dance" and the circles.
  14. Artificial intelligence in Bellboy Bedlan does not exist, with next levels you can buy more helpers, but new helpers often break down, and the customers stay a lot and helpers do nothing about it.
  15. The ball physics of Pinball behaves like an object in the moon. When you accidentally click the left mouse button after pressing the start button, you must wait over a dozen before the ball stops bouncing and you can shoot it at the moment.
  16. In Dance Contest, the hit system is so broken that the game sometimes claims that you missed, even though you hit it.
  17. And in each dance you hear the same melody, and the "layout" during the transition does not change a bit.
  18. As a reward, you get a stiff "animation" of congratulations, and in fact it is not known who to congratulate, because you can not see the audience.


Publication Score 2/20[2]
G4 TV 1/5[3]
GamesRadar+ 0.5/5 stars[4]
PC Gamer (UK) 9/100[3]

Critical reception

The game received overwhelmingly negative reviews. PC Gamer (UK) gave it a 9/100 saying in short and honestly: "You're just here for the Swayze puns, you filthy slut."[3]

G4 TV gave this game a 1/5, summarising: If you’re yearning to do something other than dress your cat as Baby for the tenth time, then I highly recommend checking out your local internet provider for a slew of better flash games that won’t cost you a dime. Dirty Dancing – The Videogame is a cheap attempt to cash in on a twenty year-old movie."[3]

GamesRadar+ gave for Dirty Dancing a 0.5/5 describing: "The film's more than 20 years old and now gets the gaming treatment with minigames that are as fresh and fun as a 20 year old sandwich."[4]



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