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Dinosaur Adventure

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Dinosaur Adventure
Dinosaur Adventure ps2.jpg
"Yee"- Oro
Genre(s): Minigame collection
Platform(s): PlayStation
PlayStation 2
Release: PlayStation
PlayStation 2
November 17, 2004
Developer(s): The Code Monkeys
Publisher(s): Phoenix Games
Country: United Kingdom

Dinosaur Adventure (On PS1 known as Dinosaurs) is a movie game based off of the movie of the same name. It was developed by The Code Monkeys and published by Phoenix Games in collaboration with the animation company Dingo Pictures, who had made the movie whom this game was inspired from.

Why It's Not an Adventure

  1. It's not even an actual video game, it’s just a movie with a few minigames, which makes it more like a interactive DVD.
  2. It's not only a cheap rip-off of The Land Before Time, but it even rips off Tarzan, and even Dinosaur.
  3. Very long film length, clocking in over 40 minutes.
  4. Like most games made by Phoenix Games, the disk usually burns out after being used once.
  5. Terrible voice acting.
  6. Like most (if not all) Dingo pictures films, the movie reuses some characters from their other films, such as the crow from an earlier "game", The Dalmatians, and the hooker bird are reused in the movie, which is incredibly lazy.
  7. Loads of anachronisms and inconsistencies throughout the film.
    • Dinosaurs are often seen handling manmade tools, such as hammers and chalkboards.
    • The film depicts modern-day animals such as gorillas, birds, crows, monkeys and gazelles coexisting with dinosaurs, further evidence that the German producers of the film just did not care for even the most basic accuracy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The movie can be fun to watch just to see how bad/clumsy it is. The voice acting can also be quite amusing.
  2. YEE!


  • The game and movie is notorious for spawning the "Yee" meme. It is exclusive to the Italian dub, though, if you want to watch it.
    • And here's the link to the meme.
  • It has its own reanimated Collab available on YouTube that's dedicated to the "Yee" meme.


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