Digimon Adventure (Game Boy Advance)

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Digimon Adventure
When developers become lazy.
Genre: Platformer
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Developer: Sintax
Made in: Taiwan
Franchise: Digimon

"My friend had a gba game called Crash Advance 4 (a reskin of this game) and the controls were A to spin, B to jump. It had long and extremely difficult levels in it. He told me his aunt in Saudi Arabia sent him it but now he has lost and tells me he bought it in Game and the box had Crash holding a wumpa fruit in the cover. Has anyone else heard of this game?""

Dingodile555, Crash Mania Forum

Digimon Adventure is a port of an unlicenced platforming game on SNES made by Sintax, released for the Game Boy Advance.

Why It Sucks

  1. The fundamental problem is that the game has tons of reskins, many of which only changes the graphics and level order.
  2. Horrible controls, especially when compared to the SNES version. This is also one of the only Game Boy Advance games to use B to jump and A to fire.
  3. There are only three tracks played in the game. To add insult to injury, it actually has eleven tracks and left the eight tracks unused. Sounds familiar?
    • Speaking of the soundtrack, the sound engine was stolen (or legitimately obtained) from Vast Fame's, but the developer didn't fix the music bug from it, causing the music stops when certain enenies appeared, and replaced with another track when it's defeated.
    • In addition to soundtrack, it left much more sound effect unused.
  4. Some glitches from the prototype version is retained in the final version, such as floating in the air by rapidly fire when jumping. This shows the developer's laziness.
  5. Only four levels, so you can beat the game in one hour.
  6. Almost no replay value.
  7. Boring and confusing boss fights.
  8. The Chinese version is pointless because it only translates the title screen.
  9. It has very strong anti-piracy method, making the game extremely rare. As a result, it often cause rumors and jokes about it floating around the Internet.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nice to see the original SNES graphics on it.
  2. Some of the reskins changes at least one level design, and even fix some of the glitches from the original game.
  3. Decent soundtrack, even for unused tracks.
  4. Thankfully the anti-piracy method was cracked in 2020.


  • It's rumored that early prototype versions of the GBA version of Nicktoons Unite! used this engine (since a few enemy sprites were ripped from a game with a completely different art style), but it's currently whether unknown if this is true.




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