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This game not bad but unfortunately... It feels like a demolition derby game than a rally game.

DiRT: Showdown is a racing game and the first spin-off in the DiRT series.

Bad Qualities

  1. This isn't really a DiRT game at all instead it's a demolition derby game with DiRT skin to it, yet there is no rally mode despite being the series highlight.
  2. The game looks somewhat worse than DiRT 3, due to the odd lighting.
  3. Very long load times.
  4. Physics are unacceptable because they're really clunky and horrible. This is a demolition derby game and the physics need to be good.
  5. The NitroUS is useless because the cars already go fast enough (yet the other games didn't have a NitroUS).
  6. The vehicles from the previous games (at least most of them) are absent.
  7. The controls and handling are very loose.
  8. Product placements, E.G. Monster Energy.
  9. The track designs aren't very good.
  10. Pretty bland arenas.
  11. It almost killed the franchise.

Good Qualities

  1. While isn't the best or as good in the previous games, the soundtrack is okay.
  2. The car designs are good.
  3. Some of the tracks and arenas are enjoyable.
  4. While not the best in the series, it still can be enjoyable.
  5. DiRT Rally is a huge improvement, over this and 3.


The reviews were critically mixed as well as from fans.



one month ago
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I wonder if DiRT 5 will make it here, its not terrible, but I think it has some flaws considering the steam reviews


one month ago
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Steam reviews aren't always reliable. FIFA 21 was positively reviewed by Steam users, and it landed to CGW. This game seems enjoyable with an arcade driving model.


one month ago
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Mr. Dready

one month ago
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DiRT 3 was on the wiki, if you remember, but i agree it shouldn't since it's not that bad, most likely because some people including me hate it, but i now think this is worse.

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