Devil May Cry 2

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Devil May Cry 2
Dante, not as the way you know him.
Genre: Action
Hack 'n' Slash
Platforms: PlayStation 2
Nintendo Switch

HD Collection
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One

Release Date: PlayStation 2
NA: January 25, 2003
JP: January 30, 2003
EU: March 28, 2003
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
JP: March 22, 2012
NA: March 29, 2012
EU: April 3, 2012
AU: April 5, 2012
PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
March 13, 2018
Nintendo Switch
September 19, 2019
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Franchise: Devil May Cry
Previous Game: Devil May Cry (Both chronologically and canon wise)
Next Game: Devil May Cry 3 (Chronologically)
Devil May Cry 4 (Canon)

Devil May Cry 2 is an action-adventure hack 'n' slash video game developed and published by Capcom in 2003. The game is a sequel to Devil May Cry.

Why It Sucks

  1. It appears to have started out life as a knock-off of Bloodrayne starring Lucia, which Capcom demanded be turned into a Devil May Cry sequel following the unexpected success of the first game. The game was also rushed and fixed in four months, the fact that anything works in the game is a miracle.
  2. Dante's personality was completely changed. Rather than being a cocky rogue, he is gruff and to-the-point, and rarely even speaks, to give you an idea he is more serious than Vergil and Credo combined.
  3. Lucia is a carbon copy of Trish from the first game since her backstory is the same as her.
  4. Boring and uninspired boss battles: the bosses tend to not be particularly dangerous and have far too much health and it doesn't help the fact that many bosses require you to shoot more than slash. The demon wolves and infested chopper are the worst offenders of this.
  5. For no real reason, Phantom, the most overused boss from the first game, simply appears at one point. He doesn't even say anything. Griffon also appears in the first form of Argosax for some reason even though he was killed in the first game.
  6. Dull enemy designs, including many which are just palette-swaps of other enemies that have a bit more health and damage. The enemy AI is also garbage, they can miss Dante or Lucia easily even if they stand still and don't move.
  7. Uninteresting plot. It's also hard to understand what's happening in the story since things happen for no reason (e.g. Arius' ritual being activated even though Dante changed one of the key items in exchange for his coin).
  8. Bad controls and camera which often forces you to fight enemies that are off screen.
  9. The collision detection is questionable, there are enemies with attacks that cannot hit you if you are in specific places:
    • The dodge button is somewhat broken, as it allows Dante to evade things that he shouldn't be able to.
      • On the other hand, some attacks executed without activating lock on don't land, more noticeable the attacks with the bazooka. This can be seen with Argosax the chaos again, as you cannot hit his heads without activating lock on. If not, the attack passes right through him without any damage, or even an explosion.
  10. The lock on system is terrible, specially if for example you need to hit a switch while there are enemies around as the lock on will not let you hit the switch as it will auto lock on the enemies, more absurd is the fact that with R2/RT you can turn off the lock on if you hold the button, which is the exact opposite of how it works in every other game in the franchise.
    • Pressing R3 to change the lock on enemy doesn't help because it works whenever it feels like.
  11. Boring and repetitive combat.
  12. Terrible and annoying puzzles.
  13. Upgrades are extremely overpriced compared to the amount of red orbs the player gets.
  14. Lucia's campaign has 2 underwater levels which are worst than the ones on the first DMC as the controls are terrible, and while you can use melee here, it's even more sloppy than in earth, the worst part is that Lucia fights a boss in one of this levels; Taotebesu which is an easy candidate for the worst boss in the franchise, even more than infested chopper.
  15. Arius, who's the game's antagonist, is bland, his motives are stupid, his plan is to essentially sit on his butt and hope the heroes bring him the stuff he needs, and he looks like a porn film director, in fact, that is literally what he does in his boss fights, he sits down drinking while sending in enemies to defeat you, it doesn't help the fact that he is the main antagonist.
    • Also for some reason his voice completely changes before the final battle with him going from sounding actually calm and cold to completely moronic and exaggerated.
  16. Bland, boring and lifeless environments and locations.
  17. The devil trigger is overpowered even more than in any other game in the franchise.
  18. Very underwhelming difficulty to the point that upgrades are almost pointless.
  19. Almost no secrets and unlockables. The secret rooms the player can find are way too easy plus they expect you to kill the same basic enemies that can be killed easily due to their garbage AI.
  20. Unlike every other game in the series when the enemies only respawn if you leave and re-enter a room, here the enemies can respawn by just walking a little and going back.
  21. Awful sword combat, barely any moves, awkward and pointless since the guns are extremely overpowered.
    • Worst yet, Dante has slightly more moves than at the beginning of DMC1 but doesn't learn any new move during the entire game. This also applies to Lucia.
    • As an extra now the advanced combos are doing by pushing a direction during the attack sequences, unlike the previous game that allowed you to get more advanced combos by delaying button presses. This system if far more annoying and awkward.
  22. The secret rooms are a crappy version of the secret missions in the rest of the series, as its just beating enemies unlike the secret mission which put you trough special tasks.
    • In Dante's campaign there are also secret rooms that are filler and don't give you blue orb fragments making them pointless.
    • Some of them are also hidden in places where there's nothing that could indicate that there could be a secret there, there are some that are hidden in completely bland spaces or in walls that look exactly like everything else in the stage.
  23. Huge environments which just makes getting from point A to point B a massive pain in contrast to the smaller environments of the original game and its sequels.
  24. Lucia's range weapons, besides her knives, are awful.
  25. Despite being a hack 'n' slash, the game seems to be too focused on using the guns, which is clearly noticeable specially in the first form of Argosax, in which is incredibly dangerous (downright suicidal) to get close unless you are using devil trigger, but attacking with the guns at distance there are places where the attacks of the enemies cannot hit you.
  26. In Dante Must Die difficulty, the first form of Argosax is broken as he literally uses all his attacks at the same time making dodging his attacks almost impossible, worst yet the lock on system makes attacking the parts that annoy you the most a pain in the ass.
    • However if somehow you manage to destroy Phantom's part of his body then you'll have an spot where you cannot be hit by 99% of his attacks, strangely enough the lock on starts to be far more effective, even with the rocket launcher and you can start you shooting Argosax from there until he dies and his attacks will not even scratch you, making him from a nightmare to a boss you can kill by just mashing one button.
  27. The three swords just have stat differences from each other, all using the same moveset.
  28. While Dante gets a decent final boss (the Despair Embodied), Lucia gets Arius Argosax, a boss so pathetic that you can beat by just attacking him at a distance and he can barely scratch you.
  29. Lucia's missions are merely recycled Dante missions with little to no variation.
  30. Trish has a crappy devil trigger.
  31. The elemental part of the amulet system is worthless since the only useful one is cryo heart that slows down enemies when hitting them, the other two don't seem to do anything special.
  32. Mediocre voice acting, with Arius's being outright terrible.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good soundtrack.
  2. It's the first game in the series that lets you replay levels without starting the game again.
  3. Some of the bosses like Argosax, Nefasturris, Bolverk and Furiataurus are decent and could work in a better game.
  4. Dante's design and his devil trigger/Majin forms look amazing. Even though he's mostly silent, Dante himself has quite a few good lines too, the most notable one is "King? Yeah, here's your crown." which is said before he shoots Arius to death.
  5. You can customize devil trigger using amulets.
  6. It introduced the Bloody Palace, which became a standard mode for the following three games.
  7. It marked the first appearance of Rebellion, which become Dante's trademark sword throughout the series.
  8. A decent amount of unintentional comedy such as Lucia's ridiculous accent and Arius' frustrated exclamation best described as "WHEEEOOOOO!"
  9. Its better qualities have been ported to other games, like Shin Megami Tensei III, where they were paired with better received attributes from Dante's better games and adaptations.
  10. You can unlock Trish and play with her, and she's really awesome, as she plays more similar to Dante in the original game, down to her stinger attack being exactly the same as in DMC 1. (However, because of the poor balance of her melee combat, her potential gameplay is kind of wasted).
  11. Lucia is still an interesting character to some and could work in a better game. Just like Dante, her design and devil trigger form look good too.
  12. Even though the underwater sections are bad, they are at least better compared to Devil May Cry, especially when considering that they aren't first person sections.
  13. Most of the events were later retconned in Devil May Cry 5.
  14. As part of said retcon, the game was moved from taking place long after DMC4 into not long before it and right after the anime. As Dante is heavily implied to suffer from depressive symptom in said anime from having to slay his brother during the first game, it gives much needed context for his behavior here and suggests that said depressive symptom have become worse and meeting Nero during the fourth game helped him get over it.


Devil May Cry 2 received mixed to negative reviews from both critics and fans alike. The game has been criticized for a variety of development decisions, which made the game considerably different from its predecessor; chief among these decisions was the lowered difficulty and Dante's new boring and more mature personality. It is considered by many Devil May Cry fans as the worst Devil May Cry game ever made.


  • This was the first Devil May Cry game directed by Hideaki Itsuno who would also go on to make the rest of the series. And while he is often blamed for the sorry state of the game, in reality he was only brought in during the last few months of development and had barely any time to actually make any changes to it. The original director remains unknown to this day.
  • Within the game, Dante has one unlockable costume with the Diesel brand name, while Lucia has two separate outfits. The Diesel logo is also featured in several screens during the game, and a special edition Devil May Cry 2 bullet featuring the Diesel name was planned for inclusion.
  • The reason why Dante is out of character is explained in the game's prequel novel which is due to him killing an army of Trish clones sent by Mundus in an alternate dimension.
  • During a Nintendo Direct on September 4th, 2019, Nintendo announced the game being ported for the Nintendo Switch.




Declan Kearns

3 months ago
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This is basically the Resident Evil 6 of the Devil May Cry franchise.


2 months ago
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What about the RE Survivor of the franchise?

Declan Kearns

one month ago
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Devil May Cry 2 and Resident Evil 6 were games that are a prime example of Wasted Potential.

Resident Evil Survivor on the other hand was an irredeemable piece of crap that nobody asked for and had no reason to exist.


2 months ago
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Capcom had a thing or two with second instalments like Mega Man 2, Street Fighter 2, Resident Evil 2, unfortunately this isn't one of them.


2 days ago
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a game that the DMC fandom considers non-existent.

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