Devil's Third

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Devil's Third
The Wii U's saving grace? Barely! This game is anything but, especially after 7 years of development.
Genre: Action
Hack 'n' Slash
First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Wii U
Release Date: Wii U
JP: August 4, 2015
EU: August 28, 2015
AU: August 29, 2015
NA: December 11, 2015

Microsoft Windows
JP: June 8, 2016

Game Engine: Unreal Engine
Developer: Valhalla Game Studios
Nintendo SPD (Wii U)
Publisher: Nintendo (Wii U)
Nexon (PC)
Made in: Japan

Devil's Third is a 2015 action-adventure hack and slash shooter video game developed by Valhalla Game Studios (which was founded by Tomonobu Itagaki, the founder of Team Ninja, the developer behind the Ninja Gaiden reboot and the Dead or Alive series) (in association with Nintendo SPD only for the Wii U) and published by Nintendo for the Wii U, and Nexon for the Microsoft Windows as Devil's Third Online.


The game's backstory is predicated on the Kessler disorder hypothesis. Debris from a a satellite explosion in orbit causes a chain reaction of collisions, resulting in the decimation of almost all satellites, both regular civilian and military. The disaster throws the balance of the world's military forces into chaos, leading to global strife and a surge in terrorism. Ivan, a former terrorist, busts out of prison and is hired by the president to work with the US army and kill all of his ex-comrades.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game was stuck in development hell for years. First it was rejected by Microsoft for not utilizing the Kinect, then THQ and Doobic went bankrupt, before finally being picked up by Nintendo.
    • But due to Nintendo of America's lack of faith in the game, the North American release was extremely limited and cost almost full price even to this day. Though the European and Japanese copies are easier to find and are much cheaper.
  2. The story is pretty bland and generic.
  3. Ivan, despite being the most likable character in the game, is pretty dull and tries way too hard to be cool.
  4. The graphics are very lackluster for the Wii U, even by 2015 standards.
  5. The controls could feel clunky at times, especially in the first-person mode.
  6. Combat can feel repetitive since you constantly go to a hoard of enemies, kill them and move to the next area.
  7. Adding more to the repetition, the enemies seem all the same. Aside from a few, it's mostly just the same hoards of enemies over and over.
  8. The boss fights tend to drag on for way too long.
  9. Really bad AI. Enemies will often stand still or run into walls. This is even worse for the mutated enemies as they've often run into you.
  10. The level design is also very bland and generic as they consist of massive empty areas or empty hallways.
  11. Despite being on Wii U, the game barely takes advantage of the gamepad's features.
  12. There's a glitch where sometimes if you get killed by Big Mouse and respawn, all the enemies will randomly disappear leaving just him to defeat.
  13. The game's performance is awful at times, especially on Off-TV Play, like when it stutters or lags during explosions or combat. This can even happen in the cutscenes.
  14. The game's multiplayer component was filled with Microtransactions, allowing players to spend real money on golden eggs to buy certain weapons or costumes which was straight up obnoxious and greedy.

Good Qualities

  1. Whilst the story isn't great, it's still enough to keep the player interested.
  2. The controls are still fine when hacking and slashing.
  3. The combat itself is pretty good despite its repetition.
  4. Ivan could be pretty funny at times.
  5. The boss fights are still fun to battle.
  6. The multiplayer component was the best feature in this game. It was unfortunately shut down a year later.
  7. The multiplayer was much better in the PC version.


Despite the game receiving positive reviews in Japan, it was generally mixed elsewhere with a Metacritic score of 43/100 and a user score of 6.7. Due to the aforementioned limited release, the game has underperformed.





9 months ago
Score 0
It's a funny but glitchy game. Too bad the online was heavily monetised.


7 months ago
Score 0
The Shadow the Hedgehog of Nintendo.


6 months ago
Score 0
How is Valhalla a kid-friendly company? It was founded by the founder of Team Ninja, which is not a kid-friendly company.


one month ago
Score 0
Here's a tidbit of interesting trivia: Hence the title of the game, it was going to have three playable characters.


11 days ago
Score 0

Nintendo: Publishes a "M" rated game for the Wii U

And I thought Nintendo only published "E", "E10+" and "T" rated games.

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