Destiny 2

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Destiny 2
Destiny 2 key art poster.png
The beginning of Bungie's downfall.
Genre: First-person shooter
Action role-playing
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: PlayStation 4, Xbox One:
September 6, 2017
October 24, 2017
Developer: Bungie
Vicarious Visions (Windows version)
Publisher: Activision (former)
Bungie (current)
Franchise: Destiny
Previous Game: Destiny

Destiny 2 is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. In 2019, Bungie announced that they had acquired the Destiny license from Activision and will now be self-publishing the game.


Players assume the role of the Guardian, one of many warriors sworn to protect the Last City, humanity's last refuge, from hostile alien races. The Cabal warlord Dominus Ghaul conquers the Last City and strips the Guardians of their powers. The Guardian sets out on a journey to reclaim their powers, defeat Ghaul and take back the Last City.

Why It Sucks

  1. The story is rather generic, boring and clichéd. It also does nothing with the game's vast mythos and universe.
    • To make matters worse, the game ends on a very vague cliffhanger that was not acknowledged until Season 6 (a year and a half after the game launched).
  2. Awful AI.
  3. Shaders, an item used to customize your outfit's color, are one-time-use now per armor piece, unlike the original Destiny where you could freely switch between any shaders you had acquired an unlimited number of times.
    • To make matters worse, some of the game's best shaders are locked behind loot boxes.
  4. Peer-to-Peer is used for server connectivity instead of dedicated servers, which is unacceptable by 2017 standards.
  5. End-game content is very shallow if you do not own any of the DLC.
  6. Increasing power past a certain point is a massive grind.
  7. Sparrows, the game's personal vehicles, are unavailable until you finish the story. Given how wide open some areas are, this makes traveling from one place to another an absolute chore.
  8. Microtransactions. Thankfully, with the exception of some random Ghost Shell perks that can give 10% more XP, Glimmer or a chance to earn bonus resources, nothing gained from these can be classified as pay-to-win, and with VERY few exceptions, all items can be acquired by simply playing the game.
  9. Recycled content:
    • You fight mostly the same enemies from the first game with the same character classes and with only one new subclass.
    • Character creation is the exact same as the first game, with no new options. Even the UI for it is directly recycled from the original game.
  10. Like its predecessor, the game doesn't know if it wants to be an MMORPG or just a first-person shooter game.
  11. Unoriginal bosses.
  12. PvP issues:
    • Dreadful matchmaking. It is very common for solo players to be grouped against a full pre-made team or for low-level players to be put against high-level ones, leading to often unfair matches.
    • Players can no longer select a specific mode to play.
    • Some maps are awful for certain modes, like Emperor's Respite in Control.
    • Several modes present in the previous game are missing, such as Rift, Salvage, Elimination and Inferno.
    • Occasionally awful spawns. It's common to spawn right in front of the player who just killed you or one whose Super is active.
    • Constant balancing issues.
    • There was a severe issue with Mayhem (a time-limited mode in which all ability cooldowns are greatly reduced), that allowed Voidwalker Warlocks to glitch themselves and use their Super a near-endless amount of times. This issue has thankfully since been fixed.
  13. Story missions cannot be freely replayed. Instead the player is given a daily selection of 5 "Heroic" story missions.
  14. Many of the improvements introduced in the first game post-launch were not included in this game.
  15. Some parts of the game (for example the Whisper and Zero Hour missions) contain platforming challenges. Due to the game's physics and how small some ledges can be, it is common for players to bounce or slip off and fall to their deaths.
  16. Prior to the Curse of Osiris update, there were no end-game vendors. Excluding quest-specific rewards (like the Rat King and the MIDA Multi-Tool), as well as the weekly exotics sold by Xur, ALL loot was tied to RNG.
  17. At launch until November 24, XP gained at endgame was scaled and the game secretly reduced the amount of XP you got if you obtained too much in a short amount of time, to the point the amount you get could be reduced to four percent of what it says you got. After players discovered this, Bungie and Activision quickly changed it and Bungie claimed the system was "not performing the way we'd like it to". It is unknown if this was a genuine oversight or just Bungie applying damage control.
  18. Bungie locked content that was already in the game at launch when the first DLC was released (specifically the Prestige Raid and Nightfall strikes). This meant that you needed to buy the DLC to access content you could play at launch that was included in the cost of the full game. Thankfully they got caught doing this and was forced to restore the original limit, restoring the ability to play some of the content that was locked beyond the DLC.
  19. Items like the Three of Coins, which enhances the rate of getting items, return from the original Destiny, but are broken and don't actually increase the rate of items obtained. The game doesn't even tell you how much the probability of getting rare loot is increased by.
  20. The Dawning (Christmas) loot boxes did not replace the regular ones (like in Overwatch). Instead, they could only be acquired through quests and are limited to 1 or 2 per day, or by spending real money. This essentially forced players to buy Loot Boxes in-bulk if they want those event exclusive items.
    • Thankfully Bungie learned their lesson for Crimson Days (Valentine's event), as holiday engrams are no longer capped or limited, they cannot give duplicates until all rewards are received at least once, and they can only be earned via gameplay (meaning they cannot be bought with real money).
  21. The DLC is very overpriced.
  22. While Forsaken introduced many changes that were praised, a common criticism was the altering of the Infusion mechanic (which allows players to stick with specific equipment rather than having to change every time they get new gear), specifically that its cost was greatly increased and it now requires "Enhancement Cores", an item that is rather difficult to obtain.
  23. Along with Forsaken's announcement, an "Annual Pass" was introduced, costing $35 USD by itself or $70 when bundled with Forsaken.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great graphics and art design. The CG cutscenes, in particular, are extremely well made.
  2. The soundtrack is still great.
  3. Gunplay is just as good as it was in the first game.
  4. Some Quality of Life improvements, such as being able to travel to another planet without having to return to orbit first, and adding a certain level of Matchmaking to Nightfall Strikes and Raids (they have a LONG waiting time, however).
  5. The subclasses are now more defined and easier to customize.
    • However, this comes at the cost of subclass customization being more restrictive.
  6. Voice acting is good. There are no situations like Peter Dinklage's this time around.
  7. Cayde-6 is a very likable character, probably even more so than in the previous game.
  8. While it may be just okay, having a proper story campaign at launch is a welcome addition. The writing is also not as bad as the original game's.
  9. The main antagonist, Dominus Ghaul, manages to be genuinely terrifying at times.
  10. Despite shaders now being one-time use, they can now be applied to individual armor pieces and even weapons, ships and Sparrows, giving players more freedom on how to customize their look.
  11. Clans now have some use this time around, such as every member being able to get up to 4 weekly legendary engrams if their clanmates manage to clear specific activities, such as the Nightfall Strike.
  12. The lore is still rather interesting.
  13. Boss fights, while rather simple, tend to at least be unique enemies, rather than just oversized regular enemies as was often the case in the first game.
  14. The game is less grindy in general than the first game. The best example of this is no longer having to grind XP in order to unlock perks on equipment.
  15. Collecting exotic weapons can be rather addictive, as exotic weapons come with unique perks and/or animations, like a minigun for example.
  16. Bounties were re-added in a July 2018 update.
  17. Forsaken, while expensive, is a great expansion.


Despite positive reviews from various critics, the game received mixed-to-negative reception from fans, holding a Metacritic score of 4.4 on Xbox One, 5.0 on PS4, and 3.6 on PC. It should be noted that many of the critics' reviews were based on initial impressions of the game, while many of the problems above were incorporated in updates and DLCs. This can best be seen in Jim Sterling's videos, where he initially gave the game an 8/10, but, after the updates, ended up putting it on his worst games of the year list.

Angry Joe gave the game a 6/10, the same score as its predecessor, claiming that Bungie basically remade the original game while adding new problems.

Curse of Osiris, the game's first DLC expansion, was not very well-received.

Warmind, the second DLC expansion, received slightly better reviews than Curse of Osiris and improved a few main things in Destiny 2.

Forsaken, the third DLC expansion and the beginning of the game's second year has been received much more positively and is credited with fixing various issues with the original game. The Annual Pass content has received mixed reviews from users, with complaints about the price tag, focus on hardcore players, and lack of story content, but has been praised for the activites offered and new equipment.

Activision announced that they have no plans to make a Nintendo Switch port because they thought it would be "unrealistic" for an online-only game. This is a poor excuse that makes people assume that Activision does not care about the Switch. Some even spectulated that it would be very difficult to even port it to the Switch fully, due to a lack of integrated voice chat and the Switch's lacking ergonomics/specs for an graphic-heavy MMO.

Activision, Bungie, and Sony had been shoving Destiny 2 Ads into PS4 Home Screens for no reason whatsoever. This is almost as bad as the Xbox 360 ads or annoying non-stop ads on YouTube videos.

In 2019 it was announced that Bungie ended their partnership with Activision and will keep the Destiny IP. This news made people excited that Destiny 2 might improve, but most remain cautious about it.

On June 6 2019, Bungie announced that the base game along with the first two expansions (Curse of Osiris and Warmind) will become free to play.



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I'm with the concerned people who heard of Bungie and Activision's break up, since...apparently bungie added microtransactions to their job application


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Steam release should fix this issues hope so.

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