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Such wasted potential from a once beloved studio.
Genre: First-person shooter
Action role-playing
Platforms: PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Activision
Franchise: Destiny
Next Game: Destiny 2

Destiny is an online-only first-person shooter/action RPG game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It was released worldwide on September 9, 2014.

Bad Qualities

  1. Almost nonexistent story with bad writing (pre-Taken King expansion).
  2. Very little endgame content at launch.
  3. No private match option for PvP (this was eventually added with the Rise of Iron expansion).
  4. Equipment perks were heavily influenced by RNG. For example, one player could get a gun with awful perks while another could get the same exact gun but with extremely beneficial perks.
  5. The game's best equipment could only be obtained in activities such as Raids and Nightfall Strikes. However, all of these activities required players to have their own parties and offered no matchmaking or any kind of in-game party finder.
  6. Enemies feel repetitive except for boss fights.
  7. Shallow character creation.
  8. Clans had no purpose.
  9. All equipment had their perks locked and required lots of experience grinding in order to unlock.
  10. Peter Dinklage's performance as Ghost was godawful, and he was ultimately replaced by Nolan North in the Taken King expansion.
  11. Expensive DLC.
  12. The Cabal enemy faction feel like an afterthought and contribute almost nothing to the story, not even with the expansions.
  13. Messy quest system (fixed with the Taken King expansion).
  14. Micro-transactions were added to the game in an update.
  15. You can easily clip through many NPCs in the multiplayer hub world.
  16. Originally, purple/legendary engrams could give out green-quality equipment due to a bug, which was extremely insulting for players. This was later fixed.
  17. Several weapons are rather unbalanced in PvP.
  18. Little mission variety, with many "defend a place while enemies zerg rush you" scenarios.
  19. The game's "encyclopedia", called the Grimoire, wasn't even available in-game. It could only be accessed via Bungie's website or the Destiny mobile app.
  20. Last-gen versions held back the game's quality and the last batch of updates and/or DLC (Rise of Iron and onwards) were for current-gen systems only.

Good Qualities

  1. Great visuals and art design.
  2. The environments look beautiful.
  3. The soundtrack is pretty good.
  4. Gunplay is smooth and extremely fun.
  5. The game's lore and universe are rather interesting.
  6. Likable characters, Cayde-6 being a notable example.
  7. Good voice acting, with one exception (read BQ #10).
  8. Lots of loot.
  9. Raids are extremely fun.
  10. Each class has various options for customizing.
  11. The Taken King expansion was great, and the Rise of Iron expansion wasn't too bad either.
  12. The character classes are interesting.