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Dennis the Menace

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Dennis the Menace
""Dennis the Menace"!? More like DEN-ASS THE MEN-ASS!"
— The Angry Video Game Nerd
Platform(s): Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Game Boy
Amiga CD32
Release: Amiga CD32
EU: 1993
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
EU: November 25, 1993
NA: December 25, 1993

Game Boy
EU: December 12, 1993
NA: June 12, 1994
Developer(s): Ocean Software
Citizen Software (GB)
Publisher(s): Ocean Software
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace (also known as simply just Dennis in Europe) is a platforming video game developed and published by Ocean Software[1]. It's based on the 1993 film of the same name, which in turn, is based off the US version of the comic of the same name. The object in all versions of the game is to defeat a burglar who managed to find Dennis' town via the local railroad connection.

Why It's a Menace

SNES version

  1. The squirt gun stuns enemies but doesn't do anything, most of the time it takes a bit longer.
  2. The objective of the game is to find 4 coins in each stage but the stages are too big and it's like running through a maze, but making it more frustrating and nightmarish.
  3. There's a time limit but when you lose a life it doesn't reset. Also, if the time runs out, you lose all your lives.
  4. The auto-scrolling levels take 5 minutes to complete and it's easy to mess up and lose a life. Also, if you make one mistake, just one mistake, you are screwed and you have to restart the level again.
    • Not to mention, there are too much enemies in the auto-scrolling levels, meaning you have to be very careful while playing them.
  5. Annoying sound effects.
  6. Fire enemies don't get affected by the squirt gun, which makes no sence, because the squirt gun is supposed to hurt the fire enemies. but it doesn't kill them. It just freezes them.
  7. If you miss one jump in the boiler room you have to start all over, just to eat more of your time.
  8. The bosses are insanely easy. Just mash the buttons and dodge the attack pattern, until they are dead so you will progress to the next level.
  9. Sometimes the bubbles don't spawn in the 3rd sewer level, so you have to make blind jumps and hope there's something to catch you. If there will be nothing to catch you, you will have to restart the level again.
  10. Mr. Wilson's design looks very uncanny in this game! It looks like they just pasted his head on a cartoon body. Also, if Mr. Wilson catches you, it's instant death and you WILL lose your life. Not kidding.

Game Boy version

  1. Poor graphics that look even worse that the SNES and the Amiga versions.
  2. This port is short, just over 20 minutes! At least the other versions were longer than this.
  3. Due to being a Game Boy port, it lacks the levels from SNES version and only has 2 bosses. Even the SNES port has many bosses!
  4. Some levels are just the complete opposite, and are also short. Which gets even more easy to complete the level.
  5. Poor ending.

Amiga CD32 version

  1. This port has only 2 options, Music mode, and SFX. This is due to the Amiga only having 4 channels. The same thing happens on the Amiga CD32.
  2. Poor controls.
  3. One of the jumps was made impossible on purpose due to time constraints during development regarding the ending, proving that this game is rushed.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The Title music sounds pretty catchy, and is definately better than the rest of the soundtrack



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The SNES version earned a 58.75% on GameRankings.


  1. The Game Boy version was developed by Citizen Software.


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