Deep Dark Fight

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Deep Dark Fight
Hey buddy, I think you get the wrong game. the good game is two pages down.
Genre: Beat-em-up
Platforms: PC (Steam)
Release Date: December 28, 2017
Developer: Evil Games
Publisher: Evil Games
Franchise: Gachimuchi

Deep Dark Fight is a beat-em-up sidescrolling game based on series of Gay Pant Wrestling/Gay BDSM movie compilation meme Gachimuchi or gachiGASM, developed by Evil Games and released in December 28, 2017.


You play as Van Darkholme, a Vietnamese gay porn actor who is one of the main character of Gachimuchi universe, fighting against various Gachimuchi characters. In the end, he must fight against his nemesis, Mark Wolff.

Why it sucks

  1. Full of Engrish and typos, for example; the tutorial said "Use (A,S) Buttons to run!". but actually, you need to press A and D like other side-scrolling games
  2. Unresponsive controls.
  3. Combat mechanics is horrible; Van's attack has very short range and the most common enemy you found deals damage to you on contact, You can't kill the enemy without taking damage.
  4. Since the combat is pointless, you can just run and jump past the enemies to complete the level. (expect some levels that had boss fight)
  5. Abysmal visual and graphics. the main menu looks like a cheap flash game.
  6. Mediocre soundtrack.
  7. Very short; there is only 10 levels in this game.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The Developer later fixed some bugs and glitches after the game is released.


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