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Deep Dark Fantasies

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Deep Dark Fantasies
The Dungeon Master won't be pleased with this.
Genre(s): Visual Novel
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: September 19, 2017
Developer(s): Ghost_RUS Games
Publisher(s): Ghost_RUS Games
Series: Gachimuchi

Deep Dark Fantasies is a visual novel game based on series of Gay Pant Wrestling/Gay BDSM movie compilation meme Gachimuchi/gachiGASM developed and published by Ghost_RUS Games. This game is centered around Van Darkholme, one of the characters in Gachimuchi universe.

This game, as well as other games released by Ghost_RUS Games, were removed during Valve's attempt to removing pornographic games from Steam store. However, it along with other games made by Ghost_RUS returned a month later.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horribly distorted and pixelated "graphics" that make WWF WrestleMania's rendition of Hulk Hogan look good.
    • According to the developers, they intentionally distorted the images to create "A special graphics style not common for visual novels", and intended to use that as selling point.
  2. The game is full of poorly pronounced English and typos that was literally translated through Google Translate.
  3. Poor storylines.
  4. No gameplay at all, all you do is just select the decision to get another cutscene.
  5. Very heavy for its poor quality (takes up to 100MB+ of space).
  6. The developers intentionally tagged this game with "Dating Sim" and "Anime" tags just to make this game appeared when people search for "Anime Visual Novel".
  7. You can make a better-looking version of this game with Microsoft PowerPoint.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It proved that Steam Direct is basically Steam Greenlight 2.0.


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