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Death of John Bain

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John Peter Bain, (July 8, 1984 – May 24, 2018) commonly known by his online aliases TotalBiscuitThe Cynical Brit and TotalHailbut, was a British gaming commentator and critic on YouTube, known for his role in professional casting for titles such as StarCraft II and PlanetSide 2, as well as his regular gaming commentary videos. He obtained a large following due to his analysis of gaming news and video commentary of new indie titles. Bain was famous for his candid, first impressions of popular video games, as well as strong approval and support for consumer protection in the gaming industry.

In mid-April 2018, Bain was hospitalized for extreme back pain, from which the doctors discovered that his cancer was growing and applying pressure on his spine. While he underwent a clinical trial to combat the spread, the doctors found that the cancer had become too resistant to medication and conventional chemotherapy would be ineffective; he was also informed that his liver was failing. The doctors transferred him to palliative care with the option to resume clinical treatment if a trial compatible with his failing liver became available. Because of this, knowing he did not have long left to live, Bain announced he was fully retiring from game criticism, believing he was no longer capable of performing his work that would satisfy himself and his fans. He planned to continue his Co-Optional podcast with his wife Genna, with plans for her to take over the podcast should he die.

On May 24, 2018, John Bain passed away at age 33.


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