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Death of Desmond "Etika" Amofah

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Joy-Con Boyz for life.

Desmond "Etika" Amofah was a livestreamer and YouTuber who was primarily known for his reaction videos to certain trailers and anime episodes as well as being a major fan of most Nintendo IPs, most notably the Super Smash Bros. franchise.

On June 25th 2019, it was confirmed by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) that Etika had taken his own life via jumping off the Manhattan Bridge into the East River at age 29.


In late October 2018, Etika suddenly had been posting videos with borderline pornography to his own YouTube channel, thus getting it terminated due to its violation of the site's Terms of Service in the process.

Later that month, Etika was released from a mental asylum he was sent to after posting pornographic videos and had also posted a livestream where he confirmed that he was all right and explained exactly what happened a while ago. After that stream, Etika said that what he did that month would never happen again and he would start a new, fresh life.

In April 2019, Etika broke that promise as he went on another mental breakdown by once again posting porn to his second YouTube channel, which suffered the same fate as his old one by getting terminated due to violation of YouTube's ToS, as well as maniacally posting tweets about suicide.

Additionally, he posted a livestream on his Instagram account of him arguing with the NYPD and refusing to co-operate with them by allowing them to enter his apartment so that they could check up on him before getting taken away by them from his own apartment while shouting "JoyCon Boys!" in front of other civilians before being put in the truck.

Sometime after that livestream, Etika took part in an interview with Keemstar (A.K.A. Drama Alert) where the former was making maniacally as well as calling himself the anti-christ who would reign down terror across the world and other random philosophical statements, and even raged at Keemstar for not seeing his point of view.

In the middle of June 2019, Etika posted a video of him apologizing for everything he'd done and claimed that he would never accomplish his goals in life such as finishing Attack on Titan, and then silently disappeared after that video, which led a lot of people into thinking that it was a suicide video and were hoping that he'd be all right.

The NYPD had begun investigating his disappearance and whereabouts, and even found his belongings, including his own Nintendo Switch, at a bridge, which lead to theories that he had jumped from there.

The Department went to the river near the bridge in search of Etika, and had found a body thinking it was him, but it was only another individual, and then after that, they found another body, which, indeed, was Etika himself, thus officially confirming him to be deceased at the age of 29 years old.


Everyone who had heard of this news, including his fanbase and his family, was mourning the loss of Etika. Other YouTubers who were close to him or were his big fans such as HMK, PlayerEssense, and ProtoMario, expressed their grief and talked about their fond memories of interacting with or even watching content prior to his death.

Other fans had created memorials for Etika such as fanart, creating a tower dedicated to him in Minecraft (a game that he adored), and even creating a real-life memorial at the bridge where he fell off of. However, the memorial at that place was taken by the construction workers.

Although 99% of YouTubers mourned Etika's death, one content creator in particular called ImJayStation was being very disrespectful towards him by posting one of his Ouija Board Challenges videos which was actually nothing more than a clickbait video trying to get attention from other people, which effectively worked, but in a wrong way. JayStation continued his selfishness in the video by blaming people for not donating any charity to Etika's family and calling them disrespectful because of it, which is totally false because the people who made videos about Etika's death avoiding monetizing them to be respectful.

In November of 2020, a small charity was made to donate to people with mental health issues and sold Etika-themed Joy-Cons to those people. Unfortunately, however, Nintendo filed a cease-and-desist order against those Joy-Cons, thus garnering extreme backlash from gamers, calling out the company for being disrespectful to Etika, who was a big fan of the company, and the boycott against them grew stronger than ever before. However, weeks later, that charity was apparently revealed to be a scam, meaning that none of the money made for it was sent to the mentally ill, but it is highly unlikely that Nintendo knew (or even cared) that this was the case.



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