Death Crimson

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Death Crimson
Death Crimson.jpg
This box art looks way better than the actual game.
Genre(s): Light gun shooter
Platform(s): Sega Saturn
Release date: 1996
Developer(s): Ecole Software
Publisher(s): Ecole Software
Franchise: Death Crimson
Successor: Death Crimson 2

Death Crimson (デスクリムゾン Desukurimuzon) is a Japan-only light gun game for the Sega Saturn, developed and published by Ecole Software in 1996. It is widely considered to be one of the worst games ever made for the system.

Unlusually, the game's infamous reputation earned it a cult following as a kusoge (a Japanese term meaning "shit game"), to the point that it received two sequels for the Dreamcast. After these, Ecole Software went on to co-develop the fighting games Melty Blood, which features characters from Type-Moon's Tsukihime, and Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax, a crossover fighter with characters from Japanese light novel publisher Dengeki Bunko.

Why it Sucks

  1. Awful graphics even by 1996 standards, often compared to an early DOS game.
  2. Absolute lack of sound effects aside from gunfire, as well as a few death and explosion sounds. And even those sound horrible; for instance, whenever you fire your gun, it sounds less like gunfire and more like the sound of a pillow being fluffed.
  3. Ear-bleedingly poor music, all of which sound like badly made MIDI tracks.
  4. Stiff camera movement.
  5. Poor hit detection. It's easy to miss your targets.
  6. The game's poor graphics mean that enemies and civilians just spawn out of nowhere, making it possible for you to accidentally shoot the latter if they spawn at the same time.
  7. When you kill enough enemies, your weapon is upgraded. This is a rather pointless feature since all enemies except for bosses die in one hit.
  8. Criticized voice acting, for instance, in the beginning, the final boss (which does not look like the one from the cover) screams like a human instead of roaring.


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