Deal or No Deal DVD Game (UK)

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Deal or No Deal DVD Game (UK)
DOND DVD Game.jpg
Protagonist: Noel Edmonds (presenter)
Genre: Trivia
Platforms: DVD player
Release Date: November 20, 2006
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Channel 4 DVD
Made in: United Kingdom
Franchise: Deal or No Deal
4DVD Interactive
Next Game: Deal or No Deal: Family Challenge (2007)

Deal or No Deal DVD Game is a DVD game based on the UK version of the show of the same name published by Channel 4 DVD for the 2006 holiday season in the United Kingdom as part of their 4DVD Interactive lineup of DVD Games. Despite sharing the same name, it has no connection to Imagination Entertainment's DVD game of the same name, which is based on the American and Australian versions.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game is painfully slow to run, even on higher-end DVD players, computers, and consoles.
  2. The game is prone to randomly crashing or straight up not even work at all. The keep case actually says that the game won't work on most DVD Players, but it's in very small print that not everyone will even notice this.
  3. Due to the way the live video was recorded, you can't choose what numbered box you want, the game only lets you choose Box 5.
  4. Extremely long and frequent loading times represented by a black or blue screen which could make you think the DVD has hung up.
  5. You have to scroll through box by box to get to the one you want, and as there's only one box on each screen with a 15-second loading screen between each one. Because of this, it can be insanely boring to get to the box you want to open.
  6. The amounts of money in the boxes when opened are not randomized. For example, you might get a long line of reds or blues instead of a mixture of both. There are also chances when the game will end up recycling the same layout you would have gotten beforehand.
  7. Noel Edmonds has a small number of recorded lines and quips which are more cheesy than funny, and they can repeat in no time.
  8. The contestants' acting is lifeless and shallow (mostly as outside asking them for advice, they don't speak, they just perform cheesy-looking hand gestures when opening boxes). Even when you do ask them for advice when the Banker announces an offer, their lines can get old fast as well, due to very few clips being recorded.
  9. There is no background music at all, making it feel very surreal.
  10. The Audience reaction clips also get really old, mainly as they play every time a box is opened and are unskippable, too.
  11. A heavy amount of bugs and glitches, including lag throughout the footage and even clips ending before they're supposed to. The game might end up crashing if you press the buttons on some DVD player models, and going back right to the beginning.
  12. It's nothing more than a cheap Christmas cash-grab made to cash in on the success of the game show itself.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Noel Edmonds is still the host of the game like he was in the show, and there are real contestants from the first series of the show opening the boxes in-game.
  2. All the live-action footage used was specially made.
  3. The second DVD Game - Family Challenge, released a year later, fixes the problems this game has and makes the experience a lot faster.




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