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Dead or Alive 6

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Dead or Alive 6
Doa6 header.jpg
The "Core Values" of this game is essentially rotten to the core thanks to insanely greedy practices that not even EA has gone this far.
Genre(s): Fighting
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release: March 1, 2019
Developer(s): Team Ninja
Publisher(s): Koei Tecmo
Country: Japan
Series: Dead or Alive
Predecessor: Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Dead or Alive 6 is the sixth sequel and a 3D fighting game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo Games for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

Bad Qualities

  1. Exploitation on DLCs and Season Pass taken to the extreme; despite the game's initial pricing tag is US$60, which is on high-end price for AAA games, Koei Tecmo released a ridiculous amount of DLCs and season passes in just a short span of time. As of June 2020, Koei Tecmo have released 461 DLCs and 4 season passes in only 15 months after the game is released which inflated the price of the "full" game to ridiculous amount of US$2,068, this made even a ridiculous pricing on the full Steam version of The Sims 3 by EA look cheap in comparison.
    • Most of them is just a recolored costumes for characters, and some skimpy outfits.
    • Nyotengu (one of the most popular character in Dead or Alive franchise) and Phase 4 (the final boss from Dead or Alive 5) were locked behind DLC paywall like in previous game.
    • The final boss of the story mode is just cyborg Raidou, who was a DLC in the previous game.
    • Various recurring characters such as Momiji and Rachel were also locked behind the paywall, despite they appeared in the base rosters in all of previous games since they debuted (excluding Dead or Alive 5 due to its "game dissection" practices).
    • The Season Pass and some of the DLCs were also extremely expensive. For example, each season pass cost $100 which is actually more expensive than the base game itself.
    • Let's not forget that the base game is $60 at launch (And since it's a Koei Tecmo game, it's unlikely to get a price drop anytime soon). You're essentially paying more money for the DLCs than the actual game itself!
  2. Instead of unlocking costumes regularly like you do in the previous games, you had to grind for costume parts. Which leads to tediousness for players. This was done in purpose to forcing the player to buy a costume DLC to skip the grind entirely.
  3. Most of the "new" characters were simply a crossover characters from other franchises, such as Kula Diamond and Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters franchise, with the latter returning from DOA5. The original new characters, Diego and NiCO were pretty much uninspired and mediocre at most, not to mention that the latter bears a striking resemblance to RiCO from Rockman X DiVE, including the similar name and color scheme.
  4. The game was released at an incomplete state with no lobby match. But was added later as a patch. Both Tag Battle and Team Battle mode were absent unlike in previous titles.
  5. While the Dead or Alive franchise were well-known for sexualization on female characters, the male characters still received some attention in previous games, but in Dead or Alive 6, most of the male characters were simply ignored in favor of milking the money out of female characters and costumes.
    • Recurring male characters like Gen-Fu and Leon are missing.
    • Most of the male characters only have one alternate costume in the base game.
  6. The main soundtrack is bland.
  7. DOA Quest is repetitive and performing certain mission conditions will leads to some frustrations.
  8. Story Mode was mediocre and the English voice acting was poor. Not to mention the cutscenes were done in a full motion video (FMV) which was very noticeable on the Steam version. Nor the English voices doesn't match the lip sync. To make things worse, the chapters are out in order that makes it hard for players to know what scenes takes place.
  9. The game's story have many problematic aspects & plot-holes ala The Last Jedi, making the story feel more like a filler than an actual main story:
    • Stereotypically bad plot twists such as Helena Douglas finding out that Kokoro is her half sister & Rig having a mind-controlled split personality whenever Christie would press a certain remote.
    • False Advertising: Despite promoting Kasumi in the posters & trailers, she only appeared in the story mode's finale, which is an even bigger insult than Dead or Alive 5's story mode treatment of her.
    • Both Ayane & Helena Douglas are flanderized into stereotypical soap opera protagonists whining about their half siblings instead of real fighting game characters focusing on the current situation.
    • NiCO is a very petty antagonist who acts like an annoying child.
    • Just like previous game installments' story mode, there is still no female champion in the Dead or Alive Tournament & Diego's victory felt rather forced.
  10. All of the stages are very uninspiring and lacks so much variety and depths compared to the previous titles.
  11. Some of the character models look very off compared to the last installment. Like Jann-Lee for example.
  12. Break Blows and Break Holds are bad new fighting mechanic that makes the game too easy. But even more casual.
  13. The close up camera where characters like Marie Rose, Honoka, NiCO, and Kula get hit in the face during the Break Blow was heavily removed.
  14. Side step attacks have at times invincibility frames. But later, it was patched and now it cost 1 break meter to execute a side step attack due to many players' complaint about it being too punishable.
  15. Bad PR. In an IGN interview, Yohei Shimbori, one of the developers from Koei Tecmo stated the game would tone down the sexualization on the female characters just to push this game to eSports and EVO. It failed due to the controversy that happened during Japan EVO. The "Core Values" statement by Joey Cuellar has since been mocked endlessly by many gamers. This also makes Cuellar hypocritical, as he was exposed as a sexual pedophile a year after the game came out.
    • Like many who pander to SJWs such as Blizzard, it's more than likely that he has only did this to look like the good guy and hide his sexual pedophilia.
  16. This game also has a free version, that locks the rest of the characters under the paid version. Making only 4 Characters Playable.

Good Qualities

  1. Despite the game's severe flaws, the gameplay is still as fun as the previous titles.
  2. All the returning characters have new moves.
  3. You can now put custom stage music into the game.
  4. The gameplay is more violent than ever.
  5. Single player modes like Arcade, Time Attack, and Survival are still present.
  6. The PC version of Dead or Alive 6 is actually a good port unlike Dead or Alive 5: Last Round PC.
  7. The achievements/trophies are easy, meaning you can earn all of them in the free version. Without needing to pay for the full version, if you are willing to achievement hunt.


The game received mixed or average reviews for the PC and PS4 versions, while the Xbox One version was generally favorable. However, it was a huge dissapointment from hardcore DOA fans over the changes to make it EVO-friendly, notably the sexualization of the female characters being slightly toned down, stages that are inferior from the last game, the messy story mode, and the hair color controversy. Yohei Shimbori stepped down from Koei Tecmo in 2021, after working for the company for 16 years via a brief tweet, a year after the game's final update.



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