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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop
Not even the absence of Otis' annoyance made up for this remake's shortcomings.
Genre(s): Survival Horror
Platform(s): Nintendo Wii
Release: February 24, 2009
Developer(s): Tose
Publisher(s): Capcom
THQ (Australia)
Country: Japan
Series: Dead Rising

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop is a survival horror video game released for the Wii in February 2009. It is a remake of Dead Rising and is to date the only game in the series available on a Nintendo system. The remake was made due to the success of the Wii version of Resident Evil 4. In fact, Chop Till You Drop uses the same engine as RE4.

The game had several changes from the original version, many of which were criticized.

Bad Qualities

  1. The number of zombies that could be on screen at once, which was one of the original game's standout features, was drastically reduced to about 100 (down from 800). The zombies also tend to pop in suddenly.
  2. Willamette Mall, the game's setting, is smaller in size. The most notable part of this is the park. Some stores are locked or barricaded.
  3. The photography mechanic is gone and along with it a prologue helicopter segment.
  4. Various special abilities were removed.
  5. There are fewer items scattered around that can be used as weapons. And due to limitations, Frank can't use most of the interior items as weapons either.
  6. The cutscenes consist of pre-rendered footage from the Xbox 360 version, as opposed to running in-game.
  7. There is a greater emphasis on gunplay, as opposed to the improvised weaponry of the original.
  8. Zombie AI seems inferior. They don't attack the player as much as they did in the original version.
  9. Due to using the same engine as Resident Evil 4, almost all gun animations are recycled directly from that game, frame by frame. Every single gun is also taken straight from RE4.
  10. Jumping has been removed. This makes it impossible to get past the numerous barricades around the mall.
  11. Some music seems to be missing.
  12. A pointless currency system was added. This is primarily used for the gun store.
  13. The boss fight with the Convicts was reduced to just a series of quick-time events.
  14. The only way to access the Maintenance Tunnels is with a specific car, and they can only be traversed with said car. If the car breaks down, the game ends.
  15. You cannot escort more than three survivors at once. This is notably jarring after the boss fight with Sean, which leaves you with 5 survivors.
  16. Some of the psychopaths and survivors got removed (though Cliff Hudson, Jo Slade, and Kent Swanson appear as special zombies).
  17. Since 72-Hour Mode and Overtime Mode got merged into one, there are no multiple endings (with exception of Ending A).

Good Qualities

  1. To its credit, gunplay is better than in the original version. This is helped with the addition of ammo, as opposed to guns having a fixed amount of shots before they must be discarded.
  2. Multiple save files.
  3. A much easier-to-manage inventory, modeled after Resident Evil.
  4. Otis no longer annoys you over the radio.
  5. Convicts no longer respawn. The idea of giving them a unique boss battle is also good, though it's badly executed (see above).
  6. By Wii standards, it's actually not a bad port.
  7. It is obvious that developers and Capcom did try to compensate for the removed features by adding new ones unique to the port. Like zombified animals and even (as mentioned above) zombified psychopaths (it is also worth mentioning, that it's the only DR game which features such types of zombies), various mini-games, more costumes for Frank, and some other things.
  8. Some problems have been fixed, such as the one with text appearing too small to read on standard TV screens.
  9. Cletus Samson can be saved now. If the player chooses to save him, he can be used to buy guns.


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