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De·Formers Official Logo.jpg
This game is now deformed.
Genre: Action
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: Full release
April 21, 2017
August 9, 2018
Developer: Ready At Dawn
Publisher: GameTrust

De·Formers was a 2017 action game developed by Ready At Dawn Studios and published by GameTrust, a brand-new game publishing subsidiary of GameStop. Despite the mixed reception by critics, users gave it low ratings for its premium currency aspects and lack of content; scoring around a "Mostly Negative" on Steam. It has been noted to be made by the same developers behind The Order: 1886, another game with a mixed reception, and Daxter, a well-received one.

The game had ceased its servers on August 9, 2018.


Players chose a Form to play with as well as one of five classes: the Marksman class that had increased shooting accuracy, the Striker that can ram opponents a long way, the beastly Guardian who can block a barrage of fire, the self-explanatory Speedster class, and your well-rounded Ranger class that’s sort of good at everything.

Why It Sucked

  1. The premium currency aspects; which most of the content was blocked behind paywalls (in a AAA full-price game).
  2. Lackluster AI.
  3. Bugs that can break the game were rampant.
  4. Poor marketing of the game, causing it to have a low playerbase for a competitive game that would later die off in months.
  5. The game was not balanced well.
  6. Clunky mechanics.
  7. The arena randomly threw gimmicks such as changing gravity, disrupting the gameplay.
  8. No competitive challenge whatsoever in the game.
  9. Unstable servers with frequent disconnections.
  10. Multiplayer game servers were dead with an empty player base. To put salt in the wound, you must either play online to unlock those characters or pay microtransactions! The game's playerbase died after a few months.
  11. It felt more like a mobile game than a proper AAA game due to its lack of content and paywalls.


Although the game had gotten mixed reviews from Metacritic most people gave the game negative reviews, focusing on the pay-to-win aspect in a full-price game, and the instability of the multiplayer.


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