Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition

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Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition
Playing DDR with 48 players will not work.
Genre: Rhythm
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Apple TV
Release Date: September, 2012
Developer: Namazu Studios
Publisher: Konami

Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition is a music video game released on PC in September 2012. The game later came out on Apple TV and IPhone as Pocket Edition.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game uses randomly generated step charts, even on old songs, making memorizing charts not possible.
  2. Playing DDR with 48 players makes playing DDR cramped as you can't see the screen if you are far away (unless you use a big screen), you can't see your score until the song is over, and you can't see your step grading, making taking steps confusing when to time.
  3. The game is split in 4 teams with 12 players each, meaning if you have a lot of good DDR players, you are gonna win very easily.
  4. No BPM Changes or BPM stops on songs that change BPM making EVERY song run at a constant BPM.
  5. No Doubles mode for 24 players.
  6. Some random generated stepcharts are too hard and may not be full comboable. One example is on MAX 300, you have to jackhamer the left arrow 3 times at 1200 steps per minute.
  7. Despite being targeted towards classrooms, the song Macho Gang by Anal Spyder got in the game and the word Anal is not school appropriate.
  8. Unresponsave controls in Pocket Edition.
  9. You need an Apple TV to play Pocket Edition.
  10. Microtransactions for Pocket Edition.
  11. Pocket Edition was delisted from the app store and Classroom Edition is very hard to find and purchase nowadays.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most songs from all DDR arcade, PS2, Ultramix, and Universe songs made an apprearance in the game.
  2. All songs from Walk It Out! made a DDR apperance for the first time.
  3. You can use smartcards to track your progress.
  4. You can set an option to show multiple difficulties on screen so you can follow what difficulty you want to follow.
  5. In Pocket Edition, you can use your photos from your IPhone and see them on screen while you play.
  6. Classroom Edition lacks microtransactions Pocket Edition had.