Dance Central Spotlight

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Dance Central Spotlight
Possibly the first rhythm game to be killed off by excessive use of microtransactions.
Genre: Music
Platforms: Xbox One
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Developer: Harmonix
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Franchise: Dance Central
Previous Game: Dance Central 3

Dance Central Spotlight is a music rhythm game developed by Harmonix and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox One Kinect.

Why It Sucks

  1. Excessive use of microtransactions. Songs that are not in the game itself are available as purchasable DLC for US$2 PER SONG!
    • This is one of the factors that killed off the series for good.
  2. A lot of the new songs recycled old moves from previous Dance Central games.
  3. Very limited character selection.
  4. No available disk imports, which have been a staple in the series.
  5. Glitchy at times.
  6. There are way fewer songs available to play with at the start than in previous installments.
  7. No Story Mode or Competitive Multiplayer, which has been a staple in the series.
  8. The number of co-op local players has been scaled down from 8 to 2.
  9. Clunky menu selection thanks to a new menu selection mechanic.
  10. The game frequently freezes at launch and continues doing so even after a patch was released a few days afterward.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least you don't have to waste US$50 on song packs that contain songs that you don't like in previous installments.
  2. You can start a co-op multiplayer game with a high-five.
  3. Practice Mode is still available.
  4. You can now customize your Fitness Mode, something that cannot be done in previous installments.
  5. If you or your co-op buddy leave(s) or re-enter(s) the Kinect's field of vision, the song will continue while the Kinect's camera calibrates at the same time without interruptions.
  6. This improved co-op functionality is great. Shame that Dance Central Spotlight doesn’t capitalize on this with a new online mode or maintaining multiplayer features from past games.
  7. Claptrap from Borderlands 2 is available as an unlockable coach, and he is hilarious to dance to due to his lack of legs and short height.


Despite receiving positive reviews from critics, it was heavily disliked by fans for its aggressive microtransactions and lackluster features compared to its predecessors. It's considered to be the worst game in the series and the game that killed off the franchise. Also due to Microsoft dropping Xbox One Kinect support, many people doubt there ever being a new entry in the series and there hasn't been a new Dance Central game on Xbox ever since.




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The first three games were so good

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