D.i.R.T.: Origin of the Species

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D.i.R.T.: Origin of the Species



This game should be covered with dirt and we should forget about the origin of this game.
Protagonist: Eva Cash (D.i.R.T.)
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2 (cancelled)
Release Date: NA: November 8, 2006
EU: April 20, 2007
Developer: Nu Generation Games
Publisher: NA: Tri Synergy, Deep Silver
EU: Nobilis
Made in: United Kingdom

D.i.R.T.: Origin of the Species (in Europe known as Eva Cash: Project D.i.R.T.) is a 2006 action-adventure video game developed by British studio Nu Generation Games and co-published by Tri Synergy and Deep Silver in North America, and Nobilis in Europe.

The PlayStation 2 version was also planned, but was cancelled for unknown reasons.[1]


Eva Cash, called D.i.R.T., who gets knocked out after a party. She wakes up in a prison cell and the first thing she sees is a gigantic bug who eats a dead policemen. Now her quest is to find out what happened to her.[2]


The game is a third-person shooter, where you have to go through mostly linear stages as D.i.R.T., looking for an exit.

Why It Sucks

  1. The main menu looks weak with a little effort.
    • First, you can see the background in the form of a video clip from the game trailer, where a similar situation was in The Heat of War (except that there were clips from the war chronicle about Iwo Jima).
    • The font offered in the main menu (as well as in the entire game) is the standard Windows font called Impact.
    • Any irrelevant options were added to the popup when starting the game, such as "Enable Ambient Light Compensation Control" if that means anything at all, "Disable Sound System" which is also questionable, "Full Weapons Cheat Enabled" which only aims to facilitate the gameplay by supposedly giving an infinite amount of ammunition, rendering the ammo shop unusable (mentioned later in), and "First-Person Cheat" instead of "FPP Mode", "First-Person Perspective Mode" or something else.
  2. The storyline is inhumanly stupid. You learn the story when, after kicking Eva Cash out of the party, she wakes up in a cell in New York and discovers that the entire city is overrun with terrifying insects. In that Nevada, the Project G.I.Ants (the project involving mutating insects) experiment took place.
  3. The game is supposed to be an RPG, although the gameplay is limited only to brainless killing of cannon fodder, meaning insects, and the execution of banal puzzles, which every underdeveloped person would have no difficulty with.
  4. The cutscenes look pathetic, sub-par with Drake of the 99 Dragons and Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis.
    • First, it offers animated cutscenes reminiscent of the times of the first PlayStation, like Drake.
    • Ending on the cutscenes in the form of a comic, which, like the above mentioned Aquaman, offers hideous renders, instead of hand-drawn scenes, as is usually the case in standard comics.
  5. The shop offered in the game is pointless. The only thing the store has at its disposal are ammunition and guns. In the case of ammos, you can rarely lose a full magazine, and additionally there is a cheat for infinite ammunition (which can be found after starting the game in configurations).
  6. Almost every skills are useless.
    • T.K.Throw offers to pick up and throw elements of the environment, but then the controls of the main character becomes clunky.
    • T.K.Flak does absolutely nothing except sending out glowing stars.
    • Spin Accelerator allows you to spin and shoot at the same time, but aiming is difficult, which will barely shoot at the given opponent.
    • When using the Razor Disk and Super Dodge skills, an animations appear that are only extend the gameplay by using bullet times.
    • Pyrokinesis, which only aims to ignite the elements of the environment, but somehow you can't ignite the enemies.
    • The Shield seems to be able to protect you, but when you activate the skill, you stand still.
  7. The graphics look terrible by 2006 standards and the game is more like a product released in the late 90's than as previously mentioned, when the game came out. The quality of the textures are the resolutions of the postage stamp, combining with the vomit thrown on the monitor. The shadows are cut from the plywood curve, which are angular to the point that in closed levels, for some reason, they are just a heavily bold line. The special effects look hideous that they are causing eye-bleeding. And the number of character and enemy model polygons is pitifully low by as many as Valve can count.
  8. Horrendous animations that seem like a paralytic stuffed with ecstasy.
  9. The soundtrack is abysmal and is limited to obnoxious to listen to techno hammer from the main menu and cacofonic music during the gameplay.
  10. The sound effects are a show of embarrassment as well as the developers' laziness. The weapon sounds (shooting and reloading), similar to Antikiller, are perfidiously stolen from Counter-Strike, the sounds of an insects' attack resemble traditional methods of clearing throat secretions, and the marines' posthumous noises are pathetically artificial and more like noises taken from sex tape, ending on a teddy bear, which is probably a backpack, making annoying noises every few seconds.
  11. The voice acting is very bad that can be at least comparable to Ride to Hell: Retribution, sounding like it was being recorded in a basement on a voice recorder one day before the game's release.
  12. Horrible physics, admirable from Jupiter, especially when the boxes are pushed.
  13. The controls are bad and extremely stiff. The worst is when walking, because the character moves too fast, and shooting, which is difficult due to the high sensitivity.
  14. The artificial intelligence of the opponents is overwhelming with its ineptitude.
    • The insects just follow a straight line (even if you turn), rarely trying to attack you, and they sometimes block each other.
    • Government agents and commandos were also poorly gifted with intelligence. When they see you, they freeze in place and run to all parts of the world for an undefined reason.
  15. Unrealistic hit system, especially noticeable with a shotgun, from which you can shoot almost perfectly, even from a long distance.
  16. The missions aren't very interesting, and as mentioned above, limited to activities like in average third-person shooters.
    • Speaking of missions, some can be completed at least in less than 30 seconds.
  17. The game itself is aware that it is bad and does not hide the quality of production, standard fonts were used, not only in the main menu where Impact was used, but throughout the game. Even Comic Sans was used during the game, where this is most noticeable when seeing your abovementioned skills.
  18. Editing captions, while killing a given enemy, look extremely amateur, looking as if they were edited in early versions of Camtasia Studio or even Windows Movie Maker.
  19. The save system, even though it works correctly, when you are in the mission, even before its end and you want to save, after starting the save, you start the level from scratch, in which you used the save.
  20. The game has some bugs and glitches.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Magic Bullet is the only useful skill that is satisfying and fun to use.


The game's reception was not enthusiastic among critics, posting almost mostly negative reviews. American website GameSpot did not take pity on the game, giving a 2/10. The complaint mainly concerns the pathetic graphics, terrible controls and mechanics, bizarre level design, and the save system. Brett Todd stated in the last sentence that "All in all, Origin of the Species is one of those games that make you want to ditch your PC and take up a less aggravating hobby, like detecting land mines."[3]

Russian website Absolute Games (ag.ru) took pity to such an extent that they gave an inflated 40%, summarizing "The Woe Masters tried to shove a lot of shiny gears into the Origin of the Species, but forgot to check their interaction. While Valve is presenting a genuine Swiss watch with jewelery to the public, D.i.R.T.'s parents are proud to bring out the lopsided Big Ben with a constantly bursting spring, jamming mechanisms and arrows going in different directions. Sad sight."[4]

German website Krawall Gaming Network gave an 8/100, saying "I can only urgently appeal to your common sense not to mess with Eva Cash. As attractive as the “lady” may be at first glance (chic cover!), She is just as scratchy on the second, third, fourth and all others. I can't remember having had as little fun (almost zero!) In a game in recent years. Whether this is due to the non-functioning game mechanics, the terrible technology or the stupid heroine? The truth is somewhere in the middle. In a nutshell: Stay away from this virtual junk in polygon form!"[5]


  • In the German version all blood and the razor blades were removed. Additionally headshot notifications were renamed to "Schnelligkeits-Kill" (Swiftness Kill) or "Tarn-Kill" (Camouflage Kill) when using a sniper rifle.[6]





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This game has nothing to do with the DiRT (racing) series.


4 months ago
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Yes, it is just Psychotoxic: TPS Shovelware Edition.


4 months ago
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I'm actually surprised that not many gaming websites mention this game as one of the worst games ever created.


2 months ago
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The game has Starforce in it?


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What’s Starforce?


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Starforce was a Digital Rights Management (DRM in short).


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