Crimelife 3

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Crimelife 3
If GTA V, IV or San Andreas were released on the original PlayStation, this is how they would look like. Maybe they would look even better!
Genre: Action
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: July 12, 2013
Developer: Sakis25
Publisher: Sakis25
Franchise: Crimelife
Previous Game: Crimelife 2
Next Game: Gunshot City (coming soon)

Crimelife 3 is a Grand Theft Auto-styled game developed and published by Sakis25 Games in 2013 for Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to Crimelife 2.

Why It Sucks

Note: It's important to point out that this game is freeware. The developer once intended it to be a full game, but gave up and moved to other projects.

  1. The opening cutscene shows just a taxi wandering through a city while the main theme plays. The cutscene lasts for about two minutes and then suddenly stops, without telling you anything about the story.
  2. You begin the game with a grappling hook as a selectable weapon, but the game didn't instruct you about what it does: to grab and steal moving/nearby vehicles.
  3. No animations except the walking and running animations. Stealing a car means replacing the driver's model with the player's model.
  4. Unrealistic gameplay.
    • The bystander police officers ignore you unless you shoot at them or are very close. Also, if the car you are in explodes, you don't die.
    • The most powerful weapon is, without a doubt, the shotgun. It always hits and is always a one-hit kill, regardless of the distance of the target and eventual protections. This isn't how a shotgun works in real life, as the bullets spread more the further the target is.
    • The hit detection is messed up and will treat low items (such as fences) as invisible walls through which nothing can pass.
  5. Poor driving interface. It's almost impossible to turn your car without slipping. When you hit the brake/reverse button, the camera suddenly moves to face you, while in other games like Grand Theft Auto the camera stays still for a moment and then slowly rotates to face you.
  6. AI is very poorly designed, causing people and cars to sometimes spin out if they're caught on something or even just randomly.
    • If you leave a car on the street, all the other cars will stop, creating apparently endless traffic jams. This happens because the game engine can't handle more than 10 different car models on the screen, and will compensate for this by just reskinning the same few cars over and over.
  7. Poor graphics. Through improved from Crimelife 2, the game still looks like it could have been made for the PlayStation 1.
    • The floor suddenly changes from grass to sand in some places, and several textures are missing.
    • The game crashes a lot, and when it crashes it does not correctly reset the screen resolution to what it was set to before the game was launched.
  8. Main quests tend to become repetitive rather soon.
  9. On the load save screen, occupied save slots are marked by a single dot, with no other information of any kind.
  10. Every time you die, you respawn at the hospital, just like in GTA. The problem is that when you die in this game you don't lose money. This means that the best way to make money is to kill everything that moves, steal the money, die, and repeat.
  11. In the game, there are some places where NPCs spawn. If you aren't too close, you can see all the NPCs spawning and kill them to loot them. On the other hand, when you get close to a spawn point the other spawn points deactivate. This means that the easiest way to obtain money and ammo is to stay still near one of these places and keep shooting forward with a shotgun to instantly kill (See WIS #15) anyone who appears.
  12. The plot is really bad. During one mission, you have to take Frankie from the hospital and bring him home. After you reach to his house, he tells you that the last night he was going home with his bike when he heard a gunshot, and all he remembered was a guy from the West Gang that pointed a pistol at him before falling out the bike and waking in the hospital. The problem is, Frankie doesn't explain how exactly he fell off the bike. Did he got shot? Did he got assaulted and punched? The game won't let us know.
  13. The game gives you a sight to aim, but it doesn't matter since you shoot in the direction you're facing. This means that if you want to kill NPCs, you need to face toward them before shooting.
  14. The escape algorithm of the civilians is pretty flawed: If a civilian hears a gunshot, he will run straight toward a random direction, he will go in the opposite direction if he meets an obstacle and he will stop if there's silence.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most flaws of the game were meant to be corrected later, but the developer changed mind and now is making a way better sequel called Gunshot City.
  2. Completely freeware.
  3. This game is impressive considering that it was made with Game Maker, where 3D games are hard to make.


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