Crimelife 2

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Crimelife 2
Imagine to put GTA, Silent Hill and the first Crimelife in a blender. The result is this.
Genre: Third-person shooter


Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: July 12, 2013
Developer: Sakis25
Publisher: Sakis25
Franchise: Crimelife
Previous Game: Crimelife
Next Game: Crimelife 3

Crimelife 2 is a Grand Theft Auto styled-game developed and published by Sakis25 Games in 2009 for Microsoft Windows.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor driving: it's almost impossible to turn your car without slipping and when you hit the brake/reverse button the camera suddenly moves to face you, while in other games the camera stays still for a moment and then slowly rotates to face you.
  2. Stiff animations causing characters to seem like they are robots.
  3. AI is very poorly designed, causing people and cars to sometimes spin out if they're caught on something or even just randomly.
  4. Cars will constantly hit civilians.
  5. Your wanted level doesn't increase from running people over.
  6. Poor graphics that would better fit a PlayStation 1 title. The game has a low rendering distance, textures pop up changing appearance of roads completely when you get close to them, and there are lots of rendering glitches such as Z-flickering. Also, the fog that engulfs the world should cover up the background image that shows mountains.
  7. For some reason no vehicles can push other vehicles by ramming into them.
  8. If you leave a car on the street, all the other cars will stop, creating apparently endless traffic jams.
  9. You can apparently walk slightly below the ocean water surface as the ocean is very shallow. Also when you walk in the ocean it makes an obnoxious noise.
  10. No missions are available to complete.
  11. A new area of the map was hastily made, and the mini-map is clearly not updated to have the new terrain into it, making it invisible on the mini-map.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is completely free to play.
  2. The fact that they managed to get a 3D open world in a Game Maker game is impressive, as Game Maker was not designed to be used to create 3D games.


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