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Crazy Frog Racer

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Crazy Frog Racer
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The Annoying Thing is not only the Crazy Frog but an entire game!
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS
Release: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2
EU: December 9, 2005
Game Boy Advance
EU: December 5, 2005
AU: December 15, 2005

Nintendo DS
EU: November 3, 2006
AU: November 10, 2006
Developer(s): Neko Entertainment (PC/PS2)
Denaris Entertainment Software (GBA)
Independent Arts Software (GBA)
The Code Monkeys (DS)
Publisher(s): EU: Digital Jesters (PC/PS2)
EU/AU: DTP Entertainment (GBA)
EU/AU: Mercury Games (DS)
Country: France
United Kingdom
Series: Crazy Frog
Successor: Crazy Frog Racer 2

Crazy Frog Racer is a 2005 racing video game developed by Neko Entertainment and published by Digital Jesters only in Europe and Australia. A sequel called Crazy Frog Racer 2 was released a month later.

Why It's Crazy

  1. The general concept of the game is an oblivious rip-off of Mario Kart; however, the Mario franchise fits well with the kart racing concept because of the great variety of characters that it has, but the Crazy Frog/Annoying Thing franchise barely has any characters besides the Crazy Frog, which makes this concept choice something very strange and out of place, as a platformer would've been a better option.
    • In addition to the previous point, all of the characters (Besides the Annoying Thing and the droid) aren't from any of the music videos, they were created just for the games and there isn't any concept in the game about why they are there.
    • Crazy Frog is just silly kids' garbage and has been panned by almost everyone in the world, so it's a shame that Jamster decided to milk him for all his worth.
  2. The music in the portable versions is ear bleeding. The DS version has these nefarious MIDI remixes of the PS2 and PC versions, while the GBA has a soundtrack far from being listenable and quite generic for a game on that platform.
  3. The graphics look awful for 2005 and 2006 standards. They look like a PlayStation or Nintendo 64 game (except for the GBA version).
  4. The game just feels like a huge cash grab.
  5. The lighting on some levels is odd. Some how the tried to use some kind of bloom to make it better, but it makes things worse.
  6. Every track uses the same textures, proving the developers were too lazy to make new ones and just reused them.
  7. The controls are really unresponsive, making the game unplayable and really easy to lose the race.
  8. The speed is too fast, making the game hard to complete, unless you are actually a talented player.
  9. The first two tracks look so similar, but one is longer than the other.
  10. The GBA version looks the worst, with poor graphics, atrocious soundtrack, and awful sounds (as said in WIS#2).
  11. A lame item system; unlike any other kart racer, here you get the items by collecting enough coins.
  12. There's an advertisement for a strip club in a kids' game. The rating? 3+.
  13. The DS version is just an awful, lame and lazy version that is no better than the other ones. It has poor graphics that look like a PlayStation game and its framerate is choppy.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the item system was something original.
  2. The music on PS2 and PC is listenable.
  3. The mobile (Java) version is actually a pretty good port even today, and the music isn't downgraded



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