Crazy Chicken Tennis

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Holy Sh*t!-Klay Kremling.

Crazy Chicken Tennis (also known as Moorhuhn Tennis in German) is a tennis game developed and published by Phenomedia and came in a bundle nicknamed Crazy Chicken Total.

Why It Sucks

  1. It runs on a portrait aspect ratio instead of the mainstream 4:3 aspect ratio at the time.
  2. Visuals/sounds that look and sound like a generic Flash game from the mid 2000's.
  3. Crazy Chicken is holding the racket sideways in a position that makes it impossible for him to even play tennis.
  4. You have to center the ball right to not fly out of the court or else you lose. Sometimes there's a chance the enemy will not hit the ball back or the ball just stops somewhere in the court resulting in you losing.
  5. Annoying audience noises.
  6. The more you hit the ball, the faster it goes.

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