Crazy Cars

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Crazy Cars
Crazy Cars.jpg
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Commodore 64
Amstrad CPC
ZX Spectrum
Atari ST
Release Date: 1988
Developer: Titus France
Publisher: Titus France
Made in: France
Franchise: Crazy Cars
Next Game: Crazy Cars 2

Crazy Cars is a 1988 racing game developed and published by Titus France for all the major computer formats of the time, as well as the MSX and MS-DOS. It is the first game in the Crazy Cars franchise.

Why It Sucks

  1. For some reason, the scenery has ugly color combinations in the 16-bit versions, like green and blue, or orange and pink.
  2. There's no music in the game besides a terrible sampled rock tune in the Amiga and DOS versions.
  3. The Atari ST and DOS versions have very narrow roads, making it impossible to go around the other cars that come in your way.
  4. Similar to the C64 version of WEC Le Mans, you can sometimes get hit by cars from behind that you couldn't see coming, and there's no rearview mirror.
  5. The DOS version runs way too fast, even on the hardware of its time, and has the worst graphics of all the versions, being only presented in CGA, at a time when EGA graphics started to become more common in DOS games.
  6. The handling is terrible in the Atari ST and DOS versions. Because of that and the above issues, these versions are virtually unplayable.
  7. The cars in the 8-bit versions all have the same handling.
  8. The whole game feels rushed and unfinished, especially in the 8-bit versions, as the roads feel empty with cars occasionally passing by.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The handling is pretty decent in the Amiga and 8-bit versions and gives a good sense of speed, especially the former version, as each car has different handling characteristics.
  2. The graphics are pretty decent in all versions, with the exception of the DOS version.
  3. The timer is very generous in the 8-bit versions.



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