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The definitive Venezuelan bus simulator!
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Sega Genesis
Release date: August 28, 2004
Developer(s): Tom Scripts Ltda.
Publisher(s): Devster Specialties
Made in: Venezuela

"HOW DID THIS GAME COME INTO EXISTENCE? It isn't even a game I mean (stutters) it the only interactivity is moving the bus and honking the horn! It's as less of a video game as possible!"
Angry Video Game Nerd

CrazyBus is an unlicensed game released in 2004 for the Sega Genesis only in North America. Developed by Tom Scripts and published by Devster Specialties.

In truth, it is a tech demo and was created to test out the creator's BASIC compiler and sound driver, but was then self-released as a product for the Sega Genesis for some odd reason.


The only point of interaction is to move buses left and right, and honking the horn. Moving your bus to a point where it completely disappears from the screen will just cause it to appear at the opposite side of the screen from where it previously was. A low-quality, digitized photo of the bus you are controlling is shown in the background.

Why It Crazily Sucks

  1. Unimaginably terrible title screen music. No words can describe how earsplittingly horrible the music is. The track sounds like, no joke, a robot that is often beaten with a baseball bat, making random noises while having a seizure.
    • The bus selection screen music is less painful to listen to, but it's similarly composed of random tones.
  2. The only gameplay is moving the bus forward or backward with the D-Pad to rack up points, or in simple terms, how long you can hold the button. The max amount you can get is 65535 (which is 216 - 1), or you can just drive it in reverse at the start to achieve this instantly. You can also honk the horn.
  3. The game has no goal to complete, and barely any gameplay, making it difficult to even classify the gameplay as actual gameplay similar to another bus game. It is only classified as a video game because it runs on a Sega Genesis and lack of a better category of this rather pointless software.
  4. The graphics are very grainy. The bus images are also very low quality, looking like they were taken using a CCTV camera.
  5. The in-game backgrounds are very low-quality images of buses, proving the developers of this game were lazy.
  6. The text is nearly unreadable due to the choice of color and the background incidentally having almost the same colors. However, this may be intentional as a challenge to read your score.
  7. Aside from the title screen music, there's no music at all in the game.
  8. Not only that, but game also lacks sound effects aside from the engine and horn sound.
  9. And to top it all off, this game was released in 2004, long after the console's real capabilities had been explored and figured out and over 7 years after support for the console was discontinued.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The front cover art designed by djshok, a user on the Sega-16 forum, is very cool-looking.


The Angry Video Game Nerd declared that CrazyBus "broke the shit scale".



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