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Welcome to the Crappy Games Wiki!
Ineptly-made games that will make you feel ripped off.
From the worst games to the worst consoles to even terrible moments in gaming history, this wiki was made to warn gamers about some the worst in video game history. This was the first wiki of its kind created; it was founded by Grust back in 2013 on FANDOM, and moved to Miraheze in September 2018.
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Ride to Hell: Retribution - Completely unfinished muff with a huge amount of technical problems that were surprisingly released by a well-known publisher.
Superman 64 - Definitely the worst video games based on the legendary DC superhero, and the biggest abomination of video game history.
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - The infamous Atari 2600 game that led to the Video Game Crash of 1983 and the excess stock of which was buried in a landfill in New Mexico.
Race with Ryan - An obvious Mario Kart rip-off that exists just to fill Ryan's already filled pockets.
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing - A racing game that's so bad, it's winner.
Daikatana - John Romero's overhyped first-person shooter game that was constantly delayed and underdelivered.
Mighty No. 9 - An overhyped Kickstarter game from Mega Man alum Keiji Inafune that suffered constant delays and made Mega Man fans cry like anime fans on prom night.
Postal III - The game so bad that even the developers refuse to aknowledge it's existence.
Drake of the 99 Dragons - A badly made third-person shooter that was meant to spawn a franchise which ultimately never came to be.
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties - A collection of slideshows with weird filters made as a barely interactive movie.
Yandere Simulator - A generic Yandere game that took 6 years to add a rival character, the main character not following the definition of "yandere", poor coding and a lazy developer who cannot take the slightest form of criticism.
Action 52 - An unlicensed multicart developed and published by Active Enterprises in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System only in the United States known for having where the entire game has extremely poor games with generic to terrible gameplays, casts of characters, controls, and many other countless flaws.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - A horrible game, which was rushed in development, that almost killed the franchise and its image until a remake of the first two games debuted.
Metal Gear Survive - A Metal Gear game made without Hideo Kojima that proved to be the final nail in the coffin for the franchise.
Atari Jaguar - Atari's final foray into the game console market that falsely claimed to be 64-bit.
Fast & Furious Crossroads - A reminder of the time of making terrible licensed games and a textbook example showing that shovelware games are not only budget games. It's not about the quality of the game, it's all about family.
EA's Star Wars Battlefront II - A game featuring "surprise mechanics" that became to the center of a massive controversy regarding loot boxes.
Asphalt 8: Airborne - The former goodvideo game developed and published by Gameloft that faced a serious decline since 2016 such as the upgrades system being unbalanced.
Bubsy 3D - The fourth video game from the most unlikable video game mascot of all time.
Super Meat Boy Forever - A very ill-considered sequel of one of the best platformers among indie games, turning into a soulless auto-runner with randomly generated levels.
Fallout 76 - An incredibly buggy MMO game that ruined Bethesda's goodwill and kept humiliating the company day after day with new problems and unnecessary paywalls.
Hong Kong 97 - An incredibly rare SNES game that features dropping of the F-word, an infectuous song that never stops looping, and a correct prediction of Deng Xiaoping's death in 1997.
Raid: Shadow Legends - A shallow free-to-play mobile game that's sponsoring every YouTuber on the planet.
Sega 32X - Sega's failed add-on for the Sega Genesis that was supposed to enhance its graphical capabilities, but it looked ugly and was made as an excuse to keep the Genesis on life support.
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - A sequel to Super Mario Bros. that is notorious for artificial difficulties.
Mortal Kombat: Special Forces - A Mortal Kombat origin story of Jax that suffered a troubled development cycle and is one of the titles disowned by Ed Boon.
Sega - Nintendo's rival that used to be good but nowadays fallen out of grace by milking their most successful franchise for money.
Sonic '06 - The Blue Blur's disastrous reboot and the next-gen debut that was hugely rushed out in time for Sonic's 15th anniversary.
Warcraft III: Reforged - A terrible remaster of one of the most beloved RTS games that promised more than it could deliver.
NBA 2K20 - A basketball game that has a literal casino inside of itself, with other flaws including an explicit soundtrack, a terrible MyTeam mode and cringeworthy dialogue.
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Atari - Formerly the pioneer of the gaming industry, it has now reduced into a small studio after many mistakes.
The Town with No Name - A poorly-animated game that has dialogue so cringeworthy that lots of it became memes.
Ardennes Offensive - A game that was made terribly thanks to it's ugly design and animation with having completely no plot at all.
Umbrella Corps - That time Capcom tried to create another competitive shooter based on Resident Evil franchise, with horrible results.
Duke Nukem Forever - A first-person shooter that was stuck in development for 15 years, only to be released as a franchise killer.
Mega Man X6 - A game that exists just for money and was rushed for the holidays.
Aliens: Colonial Marines - A game that stuck in development hell for 12 years, and became notorious for its horrible AI.
XIII (2020) - A remake of the cult-classic Ubisoft game that is more outdated than the original.
Balan Wonderworld - A game infamous for having terrible power ups and gameplay, and is considered the first video game disappointment of 2021.
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy - A game that was made solely to induce rage and anger to the player.
Crappy Games Wiki
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You cannot spell ignorant without IGN.
Type of site: Entertainment
Created by: Chris Anderson
Owner: Peer Schneider
Date of launch: September 29, 1996
Status: Active

IGN (formerly known as Imagine Games Network) is an American video game and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc, a subsidiary of Ziff Davis and wholly owned by J2 Global. The website was founded by Chris Anderson on September 29, 1996 and is currently located in SoMa, San Francisco.

Originally a network of desktop websites, IGN is now distributed on mobile platforms, console programs on Xbox and PlayStation, FireTV, Roku, and via YouTube, Twitch, Hulu, and Snapchat.


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  1. There are two major headings to use for wiki pages: "Why It Sucks" and "Why It Flopped". "Why It Flopped" is reserved for consoles and add-ons as these can fail but still have several redeeming qualities, good games, and even a fanbase, in fact it can be used in a few games like LawBreakers, which only flopped commercially and financially. "Why It Sucks" is reserved for games and accessories as some have little to no redeeming qualities. If the company is now going downhill due to one or more games, has ruined great game companies, like Konami for example, it would be here as "Why They Suck" or "Why They Suck Now" section. For games considered "average", then "Bad Qualities" and "Good Qualities" can be used instead, but make sure to include the "Average Games" category. The game being average is not depending the reason numbers, it depends to the reception. Games under the "Intentionally Bad Games'" category should use "Why It (Intentionally) Sucks". Custom headings aren't allowed due to being completely unnecessary and the potential of users inserting coarse language on the headings or rather unoriginal jokes. Coloring names aren't allowed, due to also being unnecessary. Plus, they show up wrong on certain devices.
  2. As quality control begins to apply stronger than ever, check out the tutorial on how to create a page, before creating an article.
  3. Due to the insane amount of troll pages and vandalism in the past, users must now be autconfirmed to create an article or even edit it. Ask one of the admins to autoconfirm you in a message to them.
  4. Never copy-paste from other sites like Wikipedia when writing articles as it is considered plagiarism.
  5. Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a temporary ban. If it is repeated, permanent.
  6. You will be allowed to appeal your ban on your talk page, unless what you did was unforgivable.
  7. Writing down the plot of the game is completely optional. If you want to write the plot of the game, don't include spoilers. Short summaries are fine as long as they're not include spoilers.
  8. If the page mentions a failed port of a good game, never add "The game itself is still good" as a good quality, because as mentioned earlier, it only mentions a dedicated port, not the game itself.
  9. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed, ask the admins. If your suggestion proves to be useful, they'll create it for you.
  10. Do not put any game, moment, company related categories to the blog pages, expect a warning or a block for adding them again.
  11. Off-topic pages will not be accepted on this wiki; those will be deleted immediately, and the user who creates the page will be warned. Users will also be banned if it is repeated. Make off topic pages as blogs instead.
  12. Pages created by trolls (such as Video Games that people and critics liked and one person doesn't) will also result in a ban.
  13. Refrain from using swear words as much as possible in articles (exclusions include if there are any swear words in quotes). Swearing in the comments is fine as long as it isn't used to offend others.
  14. Also never type way too much all-caps on pages for no good reason, as it makes pages look unprofessional. Using italics, bold text, or underlining is okay however, as long as it isn't overused.
  15. Joke pages are not allowed here unless it is a blog (with few expectations).
  16. Reasons for deleted comments are poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, baseless insulting or if the comment makes no sense.
  17. Removing information, messing with the articles without giving a good reason, or any kind of vandalism, in general, will result in a ban.
  18. Because of the corruption in gaming journalism, as of September 4, 2015, the only reliable sources of game reviews will be user-based sites like GameFAQs and web reviewers. Game journalists supported by GamerGate are welcome so be sure to check out DeepFreeze for sites supported by GamerGate. However, there can be exceptions to this rule depending on how fair or honest a journalist's review is. As for GameFAQs, a game will be put on as long as it has a rating of two stars or lower. There can be a few exceptions to this rule if strong reasons for the article are provided.
  19. Please try to politely argue if you think a page should be deleted.
  20. If you want to create a sandbox page, do not tag your sandbox page with categories, as they will not only clutter the categories, they are only for actual articles.
  21. Sandboxes can't be used to contain articles which aren't allowed on the wiki, or alternate, personal version of already existing articles because that is seen as an attempt to bypass the wiki's quality control and admin management; the purpose of sandboxes is only to work on pages in preparation of uploading them to the main namespace of the wiki.
  22. Do not make blog posts that are hit pieces to certain users you don't like or pages either.
  23. Grust is the only one with any right to threaten and torture the administrators. Anyone else gets permabanned and launched into space for eternity.
  24. We allow memes, but please put them in the trivia section if needed, as memes don't make or break a game's quality.
  25. If you are creating pages for terrible NSFW or NSFL games, add NSFW or NSFL warning templates at the very top of the page first.
  26. Do not send foe requests to any user, as it will likely cause drama.
  27. Before creating any pages, see the "Forbidden Pages" section for what is not allowed.
  28. Do not add the fact that a game has a toxic fanbase and/or hatebase as a bad quality. Persisting with this will result in a block without warning.
  29. Do not use quotes like "Just play X instead", "This game makes X look like a masterpiece", "More like X" or "X is an example of what not to do if Y" because they're lazy and unoriginal. If you have no idea for a quote, don't write any of the ones listed before.
  30. "At least it's better than...", and "Wasted the talents of..." reasons, as well as terms like "Let that sink in" are not allowed due to being overused.
  31. Please do not make articles about other users, because this could start flame wars, and besides, a few wikis were shut down because of the articles on other users that was meant to promote harassment, and humiliation.
  32. Also, to put this into perspective, to the other admins if you're going to block a disruptive user, please don't use any homophobic slurs or anything racist.
  33. Web reviewers/YouTubers/Users are not acceptable here unless they have an extremely and widely known poor reputation.
  34. We also have no tolerance on spreading rumors about people or users. Articles that are confirmed to have rumors that are nothing but lies will be subsequently deleted. Those who are caught doing so will result in a block without warning.
  35. Death threats of any kind is strictly prohibited, and those who send them towards any of the admins or any editor for that matter will be blocked without warning.
  36. Do not upload multiple cover arts which have the same artwork. We are still tolerant of uploading regional cover arts, depending on the artwork and title being different from the other one.
  37. Do not use terms like "Receptiontards, Receptionspregs or Receptionf**s", as they're nothing but insults to people who like the Reception Wikis and they will likely cause drama.
  38. No harmful and insulting content directed to the wikis and to their users posted off-site will be tolerated; in addition, no excuses like "it's a joke", "it is not to be taken seriously" will be valid. Regarding how old the offending content is, it will be up to the administration staff to decide but know that generally the harmfulness of verifiable malicious content doesn't expire after a certain period of time.
  39. Do not close threads so soon without waiting for someone else to give their two cents.
  40. Users can only use one account to edit Crappy Games Wiki. Any known alternative accounts (sockpuppets) will be permanently banned. Repeated sockpuppetry will result in the main account being banned.
  41. To avoid Content Policy violations, articles about persons need at least one reliable source to confirm a claim. Offending articles will be deleted without warning.
  42. Don't put "Haven (x company) had more time/ better development planning, (x game) would be on Awesome Games Wiki". It makes pages look unprofessional and lazy.
  43. Downvoting comments is no longer allowed, due to the heavy amount of opinion disrespecting and trollism, and the comment code has been changed to upvotes only. Anyone who downvotes a comment after changing the code back to normal will be blocked without warning.
  44. For admins, please do not delete comments, blogs, or talk pages that contain criticisms of the wikis, as it will make us look like we can't handle criticism.
  45. Do not use Title Case in the titles of articles about terrible moments in gaming history or categories, because it makes pages look less professional.
  46. Do not tell other users to make pages for you instead of doing so yourself. If you cannot create a page for whatever reason, just ask an admin to confirm/autoconfirm you.
  47. Do not use the game/console logos as the infobox header. Any edits that do this will be reverted.

Video Games

  • Any dedicated DLC page - Already covered in the game's pages.
  • Any gameplay-related page - Same reason as DLC pages and should be here instead.
  • Any Roblox game-related page - Same reason as DLC and gameplay-related pages, should be here instead.
  • Fortnite - There's no way of making a page for this game without making it look hateful and biased.



  • Blizzard Entertainment - The current Blizzard is a part of the union with Activision. Details about their business practices is included in the following article; Activision Blizzard.
  • Nintendo - Their problems mostly come from their American division, not the company as a whole.


  • Any Internet trolls (like Mariotehplumber) - Self-explanatory. Also counts as troll feeding.
  • Any toxic fanbases - Fanbases have nothing to do with the games.
  • ProsafiaGaming - Despite being infamous for spoiling games, he is continuously overhated and was nearly killed by a hater, so it's best if we don't talk about him.
  • Gaming tropes: Should be here instead.
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