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Welcome to the Crappy Games Wiki!
Ineptly-made games that will make you feel ripped off.

From the worst games to the worst consoles to terrible moments in gaming history, this wiki was made to warn gamers about some of the worst in video game history. This was the first reception wiki created; it was founded by Grust on July 22, 2013 on Fandom, and moved to Miraheze on September 7, 2018.
2,028 article(s) 328,641 edits 4,393 files
  1. Content examined in Qualitipedia articles is, similar to a review, based off opinions (subjectivity), not facts. The opinions here are shared by the majority of the public and critics who reviewed said media/topic, and articles should explain what gave them the reputation they have now. Never impose articles' opinions on any user, nor forbid users from having their own opinions of any media.
  2. Crappy Games Wiki covers games, game hardware, gaming companies and accessories with a clear reception of low average and below.
  3. Pages on this wiki should be supported by at least one reliable source for claims made in the article. For ideas, see this blog post and DeepFreeze.
  4. Mainspace pages should be written decently and cleanly, with minimal swearing, caps and out of place wikitext.
  5. Page and category names should be proper; uppercase first letter, lowercase name unless its stylizing or proper name is upper case. I.e., "Games by Bethesda", vs "Gaming platforms".
  6. Please see the tutorial on how to create a page before creating an article. Drafts should start in your sandbox and be moved once ready. See the featured pages for content we accept.
  7. Do not leave sections empty in pages. The only exception is sandboxes in development.
  8. Writing should be your own. It should not pasted from elsewhere without authorization (quotes are fine) and you should not ask others to write articles for you.
  9. Pages should use categories that are appropriate. If there are multiple options, select the best one. Blogs and user pages should only have appropriate categories from here. Sandboxes should not have categories, comment them out or fake them. If you're unsure, ask or leave it to someone else.
    Example for content pages: Games for everyone category (per ESRB's E/E10+ and PEGI's 3/7 age ratings), the Teen games category (per ESRB's T and PEGI's 12/16 age ratings) and the Mature template (per ESRB's M/AO and PEGI's 16/18 age ratings).
  10. New categories should only be made with moderator or admin approval.
  11. Custom headings in content articles are usually allowed. The main exception is 'average' media; the defaults 'Good Qualities' and 'Bad Qualities' should always be used. Defaults for other pages are "Why It Sucks" for games and accessories, "Why It Flopped' for consoles and add-ons, and "Why It Intentionally Sucks" for games proven to be created with the intention of being awful. For best results in custom headers, do not capitalize short prepositions, conjunctions, or articles in the custom headings, unless they are the first word of the title. For example, "Why It Really Stinks More than Stinky Pete's Socks of Doom, According to Us", not "Why It Really Stinks More Than Stinky Pete's Socks Of Doom, According To Us".
  12. Keep the captions in infoboxes of pages short and simple.
  13. Try to come up with original phrasing. Some such as "more like x", "go play x instead", and "depending on your view" are badly overused and should be avoided.
  14. Pages on the mainspace should reflect the consensus of scores (critic/user) and reviews. We expect pages to have at least one strong source, preferably multiple links which cover the game and back up the pointers. If there is contradiction, please discuss on the page's talk or if there isn't one, on this talk page. If you want to make a page that is primarily based on your own experience regardless of the overall reception, we invite you to make a review through a blog.
  15. Authors of pages are forbidden from protecting their pages from non-authors, as doing so can be easily abusable. Anyone caught using this restriction will be warned, or blocked, if necessary.
  16. Forbidden pointers including toxic fanbases/hatebases, internet memes (which should be included as trivia if necessary), some material being too scary or violent for some viewers, being on a platform or not being on it, and a sequel or a prequel being worse or batter than the game.
  17. The disclaimer that says "WARNING: Do not add to the 'Average' category or change the headings" or vice versa is now forbidden due to be overused. Anyone caught adding them again will be warned or even blocked.


  1. Be civil towards fellow users; avoid rudeness, assume good intentions of fellow editors and respectfully disagree. Remember the Code of Conduct.
  2. Be clear in your requests, discussions and edits, particularly making use of the edit summary. When making a major change (such as page move), start a discussion first to ensure it will go over well.
  3. If users are uncivil, unclear or trolling, do not engage. Be the better user and bring the matter to admins to resolve.
  4. If you disagree with the actions of an admin, you may start a topic on their talk page (yours, if you were blocked). Be civil and only post to try and solve the issue. You may appeal to bureaucrats if you are not satisfied with the judgement offered, and if you were blocked without talk page access you may appeal on Qualitipedia central through your talk page there.
  5. If you have any problem, the first thing you should do in any situation is to ask for help, preferably from the staff but trusted users are a great option too. This is the most important rule we have as we do not want anyone to be left hanging. Qualitipedia should be a fun place and users shouldn't be hung up on an issue without telling us about it. Plus it's a good way of getting to know the people behind Qualitipedia's management.
  6. Prioritize participation in Qualitipedia Meta, and ocassionally check on Crappy Games Wiki's community side.
    • As the big brother wiki, CGW has the most active community, capable admins and advanced quality control, and the general news/events of QP are always shared and discussed there.
    • Qualitipedia Meta is the center of the wikis, where Requests for Comments, the wikis' system of suggesting changes to how they work, are discussed between users. Here users should get an idea of how the wikis work while, again, benefiting from direct interactions with the community.
No changes during the given period match these criteria.

The easiest public way to contact the staff for any response is to create a post on the administrators' noticeboard. If you need to contact a member of staff, the full list is below:

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This wiki is part of Qualitipedia, a series of entertainment wikis in a similar 'good stuff' vs 'bad stuff' format. Other wikis included or related are listed on the central wiki here. Read rules that affect all Qualitipedia wikis here.

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Video games

  • Any dedicated DLC page – Already covered in the game's pages.
  • Any gameplay-related page – Same reason as DLC pages and should be here instead.
  • Any mod/ROM hack – Same reason as DLC and gameplay-related pages. It should be here instead.
  • Any Roblox game-related page – Same reason as DLC, gameplay-related and mod pages. It should be here instead.
  • Obscure/unreviewed mobile games – Clogging up the wiki and these games usually have no actual reception.
  • Unreviewed fangames – Same as obscure mobile games.
  • Any video game that people and critics liked, and one person doesn't - Self-explanatory. Yes, we may have our own opinion but you get the idea.
  • DmC: Devil May Cry – Actually a good game with a positive reception, despite having otherwise mixed reactions from the Devil May Cry fanbase.
  • Destiny series – Improved overtime and is now favorably recieved by both critics and fans, especially Destiny 2.
  • Halo Infinite – While the game is getting criticized for its multiplayer counterpart, the game is still well-received by both critics and players.


  • Famiclones – They are very similar to each other, having mostly the same issues such as inexpensive materials and often being bundled with tons of shovelware. The only exception is the aforementioned article all about that type of consoles.

Companies and designers

  • Game Freak – Too divisive for a topic.


  • Off-topic & joke pages - Self-explanatory. Blogs about these types of pages are accepted, however.
  • Any toxic fanbases – Fanbases have nothing to do with the games, and also, pages talking about them are against Miraheze's Content Policy.
  • Any person or user – Will cause Content Policy violations. These pages are prone to causing drama, especially if one or more people discovers an article about themselves. Also applies to any VTuber (even Hololive ones) due to them counting as separate individuals.
  • Gaming tropes – Should be here instead.
  • Hardwares – Even though they are crucial components of consoles, they have nothing to do with gaming in general.
  • Formats – Same as hardware. Plus, they don't really have an overall reception.
  • Chinesetankies in gaming – An article about defenders of the Communist Party of China, which is unnecessary and politically biased.
  • The "Bad games with good stories" category – Unnecessary as a "good story" doesn't make up for a game's poor quality, and it contradicts the goal of this wiki.
  • Miiverse - Despite its problems, the reception is still pretty positive.
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