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Cosa Nostra is an Italian first-person shooter developed and published by Nicholas Rizzo under the alias of NickRizzo Games around Christmas 2018 for Microsoft Windows on Steam.

Why It Sucks

  1. Horrible graphics that look like a late PlayStation 2 game, with lifeless and creepy character models, little to no shadows, and poor textures.
    • Characters are modelled after bronze statues, which could explain the poorly made and lifeless models.
    • Large doors consist of simply two normal doors put next to each other.
  2. The AI is extremely broken:
    • The AI is set to act only within a specific area of influence, and when the CPU leaves it, it doesn't have any behaviour set to it, meaning that enemies will just march in line towards you, remaining exposed to your gunfire.
      • The AI's areas of influence are also treated as separated, meaning that if you fire at an enemy from far enough, he won't respond in any way for some time.
        • Sometimes the AI doesn't even detect your presence and will behave as if nothing happened unless you start shooting at them.
      • When you enter the enemies' area of influence, they will immediately start shooting at you with perfect accuracy, which, coupled with the high damage they deal, means that it's very easy to die unless you abuse their poor AI.
  3. There are several difficulty spikes in the game, but the worst offenders are the last two levels, where even if you abuse the limitations to the AI it's very easy to be killed, unless you abuse a glitch that lets you shoot infinitely without reloading if you simply switch weapons by pressing the quick keys for the weapon switch.
  4. Levels are horribly designed, with practically only one way to deal with encounters, which many times boils down to just luring the enemies outside their area of influence and killing them while their AI can't act.
  5. A stealth system is present, however it serves no purpose and there are no benefits for choosing to play stealthy. The developer must have realized this, so he added several levels that are almost impossible to beat without using stealth.
    • Stealth kills are also easily exploitable, as they have no animation and always instantly kill their opponent.
  6. The maps are also awful. In the second level, for instance, the tunnel at the edge of the map is just a texture on a wall with nothing behind it. In the same level, the mountains that close the area, apart from being horribly designed, can be climbed, allowing you to fall out of bounds and to your death.
    • The maps are also not connected to anything in any way, meaning that every level takes place on a floating map where were placed various things. This is most notable in the last two levels of the game.
    • The game is also fond of reskinning the same maps over and over multiple times, such as the house in the first level being reused later in the game, and the last two levels use the same map.
  7. The sound also shares some of the same problems as the AI.
  8. There is no ending in the game. After finishing the final level, you are presented with a choice to either kill or spare your rival mafia boss. Regardless of the choice, you are dumped back to the title screen, with your only reward being two bonus missions that are insultingly easy to beat and show no improvement at all over the rest of the game.
  9. Despite the game's quality, it costed $12.00 at release. It was later reduced to $8.00, however it's still too much for this game.
  10. The game is full of typos in both English and Italian.
  11. The game is an asset flip, as several models come from the Unity engine library and the Unity store. The weapon models are the best examples, such as the Thompson using the model of a PPSh.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The developer took credit for the game's problems and offered to fix them, unlike many indie developers on Steam.




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