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Controversy and cancellation of SonderKommando Revolt

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SonderKommando Revolt is a now-cancelled Wolfenstein 3D mod that was being made by Mod DB user Doomjedi and his team. The mod was originally scheduled for free release on January 1, 2011, but was in development since 2007. The mod was based on the real-life uprising at Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp in October 1944, and the player would play as an actual Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoner: Zalmen Gradowski. The actual event in Auschwitz resulted in the deaths of just 3 German camp guards and the massacre of 451 Jews.

The mod was cancelled just days before release because of huge bashing from Nazi sympathizers (such as Holocaust-deniers) and massive backlash from Jewish communities, despite the fact that the protagonist would be a Jew tearing through Nazi soldiers. After the game was cancelled, two already Work-In-Progress planned sequels, Sonder 2: Warsaw Uprising and Sonder 3: Mission Treblinka, were never heard from again.


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