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Code Brown

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― Todd Howard
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Code Brown
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How fitting, a crappy game about crap.
Genre(s): Stealth
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: November 9, 2018
Developer(s): CreaTeam
Publisher(s): CreaTeam

Code Brown is a stealth game developed and published by CreaTeam for Microsoft Windows via Steam.

Why It's Crap

  1. To get the elephant out of the room, it's a game about you pooping in everywhere except the toilet, which is extremely gross and childish, especially for a game's plot.
  2. Cheesy dialogue, notable examples being "Are you stupid? Car is mechanical when a horse is organic. Such an idiot", or "Can you image, they really shot the movie about superheroes and one of these guys can turn into a bear. Such a shit...".
  3. The game relies too heavily on random humor, and sometimes it just makes no sense, such as a cruise ship being in a coy pond (that the Kraken attacks if you poop in the pond), or a random guy hopping out of a hot tub once you poop in it.
  4. The losing screen is an obvious rip-off of Grand Theft Autos Wasted screen, as it has the dimming colors and even the wasted screen itself.
  5. In the Hospital level, you have the ability to poop in the food people are about to eat, and the people actually like the taste of it.
  6. It uses Mario without the permission of Nintendo, which is copyright infringement, and the fact that he's in a game about finding a place to poop raises the chances of this game getting a lawsuit since it's a bad way to use Mario.
  7. The artstyle looks very cheap and generic, and looks like children's drawings rather than an official game's artstyle, not to mention every character looks almost the same, just with different features.
  8. Some of the places you can poop are outrageous and can easily send you to jail in real life, such as the previously mentioned hospital food, a dead person's unburied coffin, A man's IV bag, or a pot.
  9. Some items have weird or downright ridiculous results when you poop in them, such as the pot growing a lemon tree when you poop on it or the man's IP bag turning him into a bald black angel for no reason or explanation.
  10. Mediocre voice-acting, as it's blatantly obvious it's just a guy changing his voice. This is especially obvious for the female characters' voice.
  11. The trailer itself isn't very good, since it has bad humor, things that don't even happen, and it also features the protagonist... flying by shooting fire out of his butt.
  12. The game can be beaten easily if you know what to do, since it may take 10 or less minutes.



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