ClayFighter 63⅓

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ClayFighter 63⅓
Poor Earthworm Jim...
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Nintendo 64
Release Date: ClayFighter 63⅓
NA: October 23, 1997
EU: November 19, 1997
Sculptor's Cut:
NA: May 15, 1998
Developer: Interplay Productions
Publisher: Interplay Productions
Franchise: ClayFighter
Previous Game: ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay

ClayFighter 63⅓ is a fighting game developed by Interplay Productions for the Nintendo 64. It's name (63⅓) parodies the standard '64' name that was attached to many games released on the console. The games characters are animated using claymation, which are photographed and put into the game. ClayFighter 63⅓ had poor graphics for the Nintendo 64, sold very poorly and was panned by critics. An 'updated' version was released only in North America, exclusive to Blockbuster Video, named ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut.


ClayFighter 63⅓ was developed by Interplay Productions and the third entry to the ClayFighter series, which originated on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was originally planned to release for the Panasonic M2, but was later moved to N64 and Playstation development after the M2's cancelled release. After the move to the Nintendo 64 and Playstation, the game was planned to be titled ClayFighter Extreme, but was later retitled to ClayFighter 63⅓. The game features twelve different characters, six of which are available at the start and three which are unlockable. Earthworm Jim, a character from the popular Earthworm Jim franchise also makes an appearance. The new technology from the N64 allowed the developers to create what they originally envisioned when making the first ClayFighter.[1] Interplay hired a sound director from Disney to assist with recording the characters, and 30-40 voice lines were created for each character. [2] Due to space limitations, five of the original seventeen characters were removed, and combat systems were changed. The game was delayed so many times, it released nearly one year after it's planned release schedule, and due to poor sales and such delays, release on the PlayStation was cancelled altogether.

Sculptor's Cut

File:ClayFighter Sculptors Cut.png
The box art for ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut.

Interplay later released an 'updated' version of the game titled ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut as a Blockbuster Video exclusive. This re-release added four new fighters, but removed a fighter from the original game, Hobo Cop a homeless vigilante that consumed alcohol, because Nintendo did not approve of it's depictions.[3] The game also included new storylines, added more voice lines, adjusted gameplay and overall made the game better. Due to its limited release, and the full closure of Blockbuster in 2014, the game is the rarest game for the Nintendo 64, with loose carts selling for more than $500USD, and a complete in box selling for well over $2500USD.[4]

Bad Qualities

  1. Clunky and often unresponsive controls.
  2. Bad animations. Animations can continue well after you have pulled off a move.
  3. Basic attacks do very little damage, and more advanced attacks are difficult to pull off. Due to this, button mashing often leads to results, even on the hardest difficulties.
  4. Repetitive voice lines that get annoying.
  5. The game sold so badly, the planned release on the PlayStation was cancelled.
  6. Hardly uses the Nintendo 64's 3D capabilities.

Good Qualities

  1. Unique interesting characters.
  2. Features a refreshing take on the fighting genre, instead of being all serious, the game tries it's hand at being a comedy, that sometimes can be funny
  3. Despite the repetitive voice lines, the sound effects in the game are surprisingly impressive.
  4. The voices of Earthworm Jim and Boogerman directed it to Dan Castelleneta (The voice that makes Homer Simpson from The Simpsons and the Earthworm Jim show) has voiced it in the game.
  5. Great Soundtrack.


The game only sold around 60,000 copies.[5]

Website GameRankings has a rating of 47.96%.[6]

In 1997, IGN gave the game a 3.7/10, citing the clunky controls and poor animation.[7]

Nintendo 64 magazine gave the game a 24%.[8]





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