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Classic British Motor Racing

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Classic British Motor Racing
A bit rude to disrespect our automobile history, innit bruv?
Genre(s): Racing
Rating(s): PEGI: 3+
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Release: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2
EU: February 10, 2006
NA: December 31, 2007
EU: March 14, 2008
AU: May 15, 2008
Engine: GODS Engine
Developer(s): Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s): EU: Metro3D Europe (PC/PS2)
NA: Destineer[1]
PAL: Data Design Interactive[2] (Wii)
Country: United Kingdom

Classic British Motor Racing is a 2006 racing game developed by Data Design Interactive and published by Metro3D Europe for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2 only in Europe. The Wii version was released in 2008, published by Destineer in North America and Data Design Interactive in Europe and Australia.

Why It's A Bit Rude

  1. Extremely boring gameplay. You are racing on routes happening in the United Kingdom, which have a terribly boring level design, without any variations.
  2. This game is an exact copy of Austin Mini Racing (Austin Cooper S Racing for PC). Menu, HUD, graphics, sounds and even music is the same. This is mainly due to the GODS engine. The only difference is the routes and vehicles.
  3. Awfully cheap graphics. Cars that were cut out of plywood curves, by an amateur carpenter, with a blindfold on, shine as if they were greased with lard; textures that look like from the Nintendo 64 era; lighting is barely dying light bulbs, in Edison's time; and the special effects look closer to cold fires or oil splashes in a hot pan.
  4. On the PC version, the developer's logo is pasted as a game icon.
  5. Returning to the main menu, in options when you see the "How To Play" option, you can see that the font is too large and does not fit in the rectangle.
  6. Usually in games you can configure the keyboardology, this is not possible here, as in all games from Data Design.
  7. Horrible controls. The car is slippery to drive and jumps like a rubber ball, not to mention the turns.
  8. After finishing the stage, you won't get anything, not even a cup. The game throws you to the title screen.
  9. As described above about the useless "How To Play" option, not everything is clearly written. The font is written with a capital letter, especially when we finish the stage, it is not known what it writes, because another inscription obscures.
  10. As mentioned earlier that you can't change the key configuration, some buttons do not match the action. The developers decided to assign gas under the [Enter] button, brake under the [Shift], and for emergency work press the [CTRL] key.
  11. Artificial intelligence is so stupid that they would lose on the intelligence test when writing only the field with name and surname. During riding, when your opponents stick out behind the elbow behind the glass, they start like a thundering anaconda, turning left and right, as if in a cabin instead of a chair, they put a rocking horse. Opponents also often cause accidents by crashing into another opponent, causing a traffic jam, not to mention that they can collide with building barriers or walls.
  12. Although the soundtrack is fine, it is repetitive and not very bearable when we hear some of them every time.
  13. Poorly reproduced sound effects. The collision of other drivers, accompanied by the sound of scratching with a sharp claw on the board; collision with the wall, intensifies the sound of throwing a metal can into the garbage container; and the sounds of the engine, arouse associations with a muffled juicer on the last straight.
  14. There could also be graphical errors. For example, you can go beyond the map when you are between wooden barriers at a some stage.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. As mentioned earlier, the soundtrack itself is fine.
  2. There are 13 vehicles in the game that are decently imitated to real vehicles.



Publication Score
Cheat Code Central 2.5/5[3]
GamesMaster UK 41/100[4]
GamesRadar+ 1/5 stars[5]
Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine 3/10[4]
PSM3 Magazine UK 34/100[4]

Critical reception

The reception of Classic British Motor Racing was usually negative.

Alan_Kim from GamesRadar+ gave it a 1/5 stars saying "Sometimes "classic" means "timeless". Sometimes it means old, ugly, slow, weak, and laughably primitive".[5]

Cheat Code Central, although they weren't supportive of the game, they approached it more gently than GamesRadar+, they gave it a 2.5/5, which means average, describing "Classic British Motor Racing is a title that most people should avoid. It does not provide a satisfying racing experience, and it does not provide any real satisfying gameplay elements."[3]



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