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Clash Royale (2019-present)

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Clash Royale
Clash Royale game logo.png
Not fun being the cash cow now.
Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy
Platform(s): iOS
Release: March 2, 2016
Developer(s): Supercell
Publisher(s): Supercell
Country: Finland
Series: Clash of Clans
Predecessor: Clash of Clans

Clash Royale is a free mobile game developed and published by Supercell. It was released globally in March 2, 2016. While a good game, it suffers from numerous problems to the point some consider the game to faced severe downfall that dwells in the shadow of it's former self.

Bad Qualities

  1. Clash Royale has loot boxes. buying a Mega Lightning Chest doesn't always grant you a legendary, unless in the highest arenas. Fortunately, it is nowhere near as bad as loot boxes in other games.
  2. Gem Rush event, while great, never happened after April 23, 2018.
  3. They removed the clan chest, ruining experiences for low level players to join clans.
  4. Originally, prior to it's rework in August 29 2020, Clan Wars has things that tease you the more the player's clan progresses to be a better clan:
    • The cards you get are from chests which give you random cards.
    • Only one battle (sometimes 2) in War Day and three in Collection Day.
  5. However, after the rework happened, it netted massive backlash for the numerous problems that can cause this to become accused of being pay-to-win.
    • It favored larger clans over smaller clans, meaning said smaller clans or large clans with many inactive members will struggle due to low numbers.
    • Clans are not matched with clans of the same or similar time zones. This means that one clan can have an unfair time advantage since they are active in one time zone when their competitors are not active for not being in the same time zone.
    • All cards have an uncapped level, which when combined with poor matchmaking, means that there's a possibility of being matched with a clan far stronger that one's own clan.
    • Rewards for not winning is far too punishing, as one losing get a 1/10 of the winners reward.
    • The update to coincide rework needlessly changed UI and removed features like daily quest against playerbases' demand.
  6. The cancel button is broken. Almost every time it doesn't work until the later updates, where it works more often.
  7. The development team can make extreme balance change, making certain cards extremely powerful (i.e. the Royal Giant damage buff or freeze spell rework), or make the card extremely weak (i.e. the Royal recruit elixir cost increase or magic archer slower first attack nerf), which becomes extremely controversial in the community due to Supercell's weak communication to players.
    • Speaking of which, some of the worst example happened in late-2018, when Supercell held community polls to vote for buffs and reworks of certain cards. Only two were ever held due to backlash of the ice wizard buff (October 2018) was insubstantial and stole the space for cards that needed buffs more than the Ice Wizard at the time and the Dart Goblin damage buff (November 2018) sparked controversy since it was voted over the health buff of archers, which the latter was underused at the time.
    • A second example is in late-2019, Supercell started to rework cards in the game.
      • One was the Executioner in September 2019, which had it's damage significantly increased by 82%, slightly decreased axe return time, but reduced range. Many feared that this rework would make the executioner too powerful due to the massive damage increase alone. This fear even reached Supercell due to the finalized damage buff was a tapered down from the original 98% damage buff. The fact that Supercell reduced the damage buff due to fear of backlash should show that even they knew this rework would make the card too powerful before release of the update.
      • The Witch rework in October 2019 was a problematic one as well, due to losing the splash damage that made it potent in some deck layouts and changed skeleton spawning layout turned the card to becoming similar to the musketeer that can spawn skeleton. This received backlash due to the fact that they changed the mechanics of the witch when it's far too late to make such change.
    • Overall, both cards were changed in function when people didn't asked for, so much that later on in late-November 2019, Supercell reverted the most problematic reworks of said cards, issuing an apology note for the change. With that in mind, it took Supercell the period of almost three months to know the saying of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  8. The Royal Giant and Elite Barbarians. The two troops are known for infamy for being strong cards that's easy to over-level due to being a Common rarity. These cards when over-leveled, is extremely strong to where the cards are hard to counter. There are also supporter asking to buff both said cards, due to their underwhelming performance when equal level to all other cards.
  9. The matchmaking is outright terrible, some claiming that it's rigged (which Supercell confirmed to be somewhat true). While it's done that way to stop trophy pushers, it can be infuriating to deal with, acting up when switching decks, using a new deck, or by pure bad luck.
  10. Sometimes people get angry or rage quit at this game if the player troops attacking a wrong target or a other player uses too much buildings to protect the Crown Castle.
  11. Terrible optimization on older phones where the game ran fine. The game's loading times suffer dramatically whenever your storage is full.
  12. Due to legal issues in Vietnam, Supercell discontinued the game and pulled it from Vietnamese app stores.
  13. No Google Play Games achievements anymore, ever since they introduced the Quest Update in October 2017.
  14. The Pass Royale is yet another battle-pass microtransaction made specifically to divide the playerbase, since Pass Royale often tease the player for not paying by showing them high quality chest and exclusive emotes and tower skins, as well as allow for unlimited retries of events.
  15. Draft challenge, while can be good, is overused and fundamentally broken, with opponents seemly get counters to decks of cards and can become too difficult for aggressive players. The poor matchmaking doesn't help much either.
    • The worst part is that they are used for every new card added. This can punish those for playing to aggressively and not paying for pass royale.
  16. Speaking of new cards, some of the newer cards added are unoriginal as some mimic an existing card with an added effect or fill a niche already filled by an existing card.
  17. The Tiebreaker introduced in the September Update, where a player with the lowest individual tower health loses to the other, only encourages defensive play, which is against the game's meta. Also, it isn't based off the percentage of life, it is based on the total life, giving an advantage to high level players.
  18. Most of the new challenges are unoriginal, just troops spawning in the back of both the Crown Towers or troops randomly spawning in the player's area.
  19. The Archer Queen is ridiculously overpowered, even after the nerfs it received.

Good Qualities

Before being turned to Supercell's cash cow, it was good, and even in it's current state can justify playing it.


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