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Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games

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Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games
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Genre(s): Sports
Platform(s): Nintendo Wii
Release: March 3, 2011
Developer(s): UFO Play
Publisher(s): UFO Play
Series: Chuck E. Cheese's
Predecessor: Chuck E. Cheese's Playhouse
Successor: Chuck E. Cheese's Basketball Frenzy

Chuck E Cheese's Sports Games is a sports video game developed and published by UFO Interactive (under the UFO Play brand). Released for the Nintendo Wii in 2011, this features a variety of sports that feature Chuck E. and friends.

Why Its Not Play Pass/Token Worthy

  1. The game itself feels like it's trying to rip-off Wii Sports. Both games are sports games that has a variety of sports and they all contain the same sports on both games which are baseball, tennis, golf, and bowling. Even if the game had different sports compared to Wii Sports (like Kart Racing and Water Filling).
    • Speaking of the sports games, the Kart Racing game in this game cleary rips-off Mario Kart. You can tell as it contains item boxes albeit you only collect points or go faster and it's more about time trials then actual racing (Except in Multiplayer, which players race against each other).
  2. The graphics in the game look terrible for a Wii game as it looks like it belongs to a sixth generation console (nontribally the PlayStation 2). The characters look like clay. Jasper is the worst offender at this due to his eyes. Just juxtapose this game with other cartoony games like Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby's Return to Dream Land or De Blob.
  3. Idiotic move: On the character select screen, you will first notice that Mr. Munch is an unlockable character. The thing is that it's trying to make a surprise when Mr. Munch is already on the title screen and the game making it a less surprise.
    • It can also be considered false advertising as the box art and the title screen would imply that Mr. Munch is in the roster from the start, but you have to unlock him.
  4. The only game that does not qualify as a sport is water filling. The water filling segment feels like it belongs to a carnival game whereas you have to make your character go forward just by filling a hole with water. How can a carnival-like game have to do with sports? Just because it features cut outs of the Chuck E. Cheese characters on water skis, does not mean that it's a sport since you're only just using water to fill up a hole. Same can be said about the unlockable Mr. Munch's Target Practice where it looks more like a carnival game.
  5. The physics on Bowling are unrealistic and way too generous towards the player. You can easily get a strike every time you play a game of bowling by just hitting one of the front pins. Wii Sports does have simple play, but at least the physics were more realistic.
  6. It lacks the charm and challenge that Wii Sports has. Some people can get bored easily like notably the kart racing segment where you only just have to get points and boost. It's all thanks to how simple it gets.
  7. When you unlock Mr. Munch's Target Practice, it's basically a rehash of the same game from Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games only designed differently.
  8. The announcer does have a decent voice at times, but sometimes he sounds like when he says "Game Finish" or any points you get from multiplayer tennis, especially saying "Luv".
  9. Lack of content as it doesn't really do much. Even Wii Sports had better content than this.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The soundtrack is nice. Some of the songs are pretty awesome as it fits the tone of the sports game.



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