Christmas Party

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Christmas Party
Do not let the cute anime girl in the cover fool you.
Genre: Visual Novel
Platforms: PC (Steam)
Release Date: December 18, 2017
Developer: Artlight Studio
Publisher: Artlight Studio

Christmas Party is a Christmas-themed visual novel developed and published by Artlight Studio.


The main characters are Steve and a few of his closest friends, Linda is his girlfriend, Jack is the best friend and roommate in college and his girlfriend, Betty Jean. They went to the cottage in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC the day before Christmas. And will plan to have a hot Christmas party. The outcome of the party will come as a surprise.

Why It Sucks

  1. Clickbait cover: The game didn't feature the girl on the cover.
  2. No character CG, and there are only a few anime-styled pictures stolen from various sources on the screen in several cutscenes.
  3. No choice-making cutscenes, making it a boring storytelling program.
  4. No option to turn off the music and sound.
  5. Horrible plot: the girls just want to have sex with the boys, then suddenly the boys tell them that they're gay and...The End.
  6. Despite the game having "nudity" scenes, the image (which was stolen) of the character is fully clothed.
  7. Abysmal dialogue, the developers tried to write "erotic" dialogue, but it ended up being cringe-worthy.
  8. Only 15 minutes long, very short for its file size (500MB+).
  9. This game has 1740 achievements, and you'll get tons of achievements every minute. In short, this game is basically an achievement farmer.


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