Christmas Crisis

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Christmas Crisis is a platformer developed by DIMA and released for the Phillips CD-i in 1993.


You play as Santa Claus and the objective of each of the 25 levels is to reach a present at the end, his only way of attacking enemies being throwing snowballs at them. This includes a boss-fight and "sleigh-riding" levels in which you control the camera in a pre-rendered FMV and avoid obstacles

Why It Sucks

  1. Stupid plot (the villain is some guy called Dr Rubberchicken).
  2. Santa throws his snowballs in an arc, making it impossible to hit most enemies.
  3. The levels have many cramped spots where it's impossible to avoid enemies by jumping over them.
  4. You get a limited amount of snowballs and the only way to get more is by jumping up and hitting blocks à la Mario.
  5. Patches of lava where it seems random whether Santa bounces harmlessly on the lava or dies.
  6. The game often gives you a disc error message.
  7. Ridiculously complex and obtuse password system- not only must you rack up a huge enough score (never shown to the player), but the password is only onscreen for a few seconds and is comprised of festive objects, making it impossible to write down quickly enough even if prepared. Even after getting a password they further complicate it by changing the festive items to numbers on an advent calendar, forcing the player to decode it.
  8. The background in one of the bonus levels is a letter to Santa that not only is a blatant promotion of other CD-i games but also has very creepy implications ("I'd also like another brother", "I wrote this letter myself, not my 2 year-old daughter").
  9. The only and final boss in the game has almost no pattern or strategy and is based on luck.


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