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Christian Chandler back when she was a man.
Christine Chandler at Bronycon.

Christine Weston Chandler (CWC) (born 24 February 1982) (formerly Christian Weston Chandler, born Christopher Weston Chandler), most commonly known as Chris-Chan, is a 'webcomic' creator, YouTuber, Social Justice Warrior (SJW) or self-subscribed LGBT rights activist, and notorious lolcow that has a long history of being the creator of the infamous Sonichu webcomic and her religious devotion to the Sonic the Hedgehog series, becoming known as one of the biggest "fans" of it. He became a female as of 2014, called as Christine Weston Chandler.

He/she has currently been most active at his/her own YouTube channel named CWCvilleguardian, which occasionally posts on video games that he likes.

Why He/She Sucks

  1. He is very immature and can't accept reality. His/her attitude is on par with someone who was not properly raised by their parental figures.
  2. She has been known to assault people and was even banned from a local board game store for yelling at young customers.
  3. She can be considered a social justice warrior (SJW) due to her calling for Trump's assassination and publishing a picture of Lego presentations which depicted Trump and Mike Pence being hanged. This resulted in Facebook banning her account for a week, She rages over the GamerGate controversy after reading about it on Wikipedia.
  4. He makes huge mountains out of molehills, When he practically treats his favorite video games series (Sonic the Hedgehog) like a religion, especially in the 2000s-early 2010s, and will often criticize any alterations to it. He/she is often seen as an Ultimate stereotype of the average Sonic fanboy/fangirl because of this.
    • One infamous example included protesting Sonic Boom, all because Sonic's new design in it gave him blue arms. She went on to deface various pieces of Sonic Boom merchandise at a GameStop location. When asked to leave, she threatened with bringing in security, she pepper-sprayed an employee on the way out (the employee was thankfully unharmed). Shortly after, she was arrested on charges of vandalism and assault and was eventually given a suspended prison sentence for the crime.
  5. He created Sonichu, an awful 'fan' webcomic based on both Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog, made as a form of fantasy fulfillment.
    • It should be mentioned that the titular "Sonichu" was not the main character after the first few issues. That role belonged to an EXTREMELY glorified self-insert of Chris with superpowers, wealth, good looks, massive popularity, and so on. Plus, he has his own fursona to fill in the titular character as result.
    • His drawing skills look like something that an elementary school kid would make this.
  6. He is extremely homophobic toward male homosexuals.
  7. He made an infamous joke on September 11 attacks back in 2009, It actually shows that he was very disrespectful to 9/11 victims (We're not making this up!)
  8. He/she refuses to listen to and accept any kind of criticism, threatening everyone who criticized him/her. In fact, he/she has a history of being a spoiled brat, stalker, potential murderer, etc.
    • She wanted to use her female pronouns instead of male pronouns, If you use her male pronouns, she will get angry at you.
    • He reacted to his Tomgirl photos in the 4th episode on MTV's short-lived Failosophy, he threatened MTV's Failosphy calling his Attorney, To this day, she has not followed up on this threat of legal action.
    • He will always use police threats to call the police on them, which this wastes time and resources with the police. In fact, she still does this to this day.
    • On June 21, 2011, he criticizes social networks by saying they are full of evil trolls.
    • She throws an huge temper tantrum over being blocked from Twitter and asking her people to unblock her.
  9. He is a sore loser in her participation in the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown. Back in High School during his graduation in June 2000, he became jealous, slapped a faculty's hand away, and ran away crying because he was not given an award for his art class assignments. What a baby!
  10. He actually believed that his webcomic series had the potential to be made into a video game by Sega and/or Nintendo. To add more injury to that, he never thought about the gameplay of his game.
  11. He has always held extreme views at one end or the other of the political spectrum, being openly sexist, racist, anti-Semite, misandrist, and homophobic during the 2000s, before turning into a major SJW after identifying as a trans-woman.
  12. She believes that she is possessed by Uzume Tennouboshi, a character from Hyperdimension Neptunia, and she announced that she had swapped bodies with Sonichu, and role-played as such through the rest of the month and thinking that she has been possessed by Sonichu since April 2020.
  13. Chris also hates the notion of people tampering with changes to his Sonichu comics. He went on a Twitter tirade over a fan artist who redesigned some of the characters in the comic not too long ago. The tweet has since been deleted/made unavailable, but here's the video in question.
  14. His backstory is dark, which was the reason that ruined Chris' life.
    • Even his parents (just his mother since his father's death in 2011) have done little to help Christian with his problems throughout his years.
      • One time, when Chris was three, his babysitter abused Chris by throwing him to his darkroom with his toys and locked him up, where Chris was uncomfortable and scared. His/her parents didn't even contact the police regarding Chris's babysitter's cruel act. They should've called them!
      • They kept on baby Chris, without any punishment to him.
        • From age 2 to 7, Chris was not able to talk.
    • They didn't encourage him to take up a job, except the social security with her/his card.
      • Chris is careless with his money as she wastes them with a bunch of things she bought for himself, such as video games and sex toys!
        • He even stole his parents' credit cards without even asking them, hence causing them to get a debt.
      • He blamed The GAME PLACE, the board game store, for banning Chris from the store for her awful act and alongside with Chris' awful attempt to kill the store's owner. And what's worse? They didn't even punish Chris over the incident!
      • Back in January 2014, her old house caught on fire, She was using an extension cord in the bathroom to plug in a Keurig coffee maker located in an adjacent room. The cord was looped over the top of the door, and the friction caused by the motion of the door had abraded the cord, starting the fire.
  15. Since he was a man, he would often say "boyfriend-free girl" and "gal-pal", which is just plain nonsense.
  16. His sense of humor isn't funny at all.
  17. He even made threat videos and comments to his trolls and haters alike.
  18. His House is a horrendous mess! Apparently, it's also been turned into a hotel called Sonichu Headquarters. Who would book a reservation in a place that is a total disaster.
  19. He made a video about showing her house, which means he doxxed herself, and that video was followed by a series of Chris performing some very disgusting and embarrassing actions.
    • He literally shits himself, which is extremely gross and disgusting to look at.
    • He did sex tapes with her blow-up doll from the late 2000s to 2018.
    • He made fetish videos towards Jackie (Christine's Ex-girlfriend) during his/her 2011-13 hiatus. All of them, Due to potential violations of Miraheze's Content Policy, we can't link any examples.
  20. Before he came out as transgender, he failed quite a few attempts to get a girlfriend.
    • First, he attempted to hold up his sign for his need for his woman during his lifetime at college but was stopped by Mary Lee Walsh. this resulting his putting Mary Lee Walsh as one of the villains in his Sonichu comic.
    • He went to a mall and tried to throw a heart-shaped paper, attached to a string, to a woman, thinking that she can reel her into him like he is fishing. That's not how it works!
    • He attempted to get his friend Megan to be his girlfriend, but Megan was not interested in Chris, and eventually dumped him after he created pornographic drawings of her and posted them to the internet, both without her permission.
    • He wants a girlfriend as his Christmas present, Santa Claus doesn't bring Chris a girlfriend. He states that he is depressed.
    • And the worst part about Chris is that he is nothing but a creepy pervert among girls and women.
    • Also in 2018, after she became transgender, She attended TooManyGames and then kissed fans after posing with them without their consent. She got kicked out for this, but not before having a meltdown while curled in a fetal position.
  21. Because of her antics, her parents should regret and be guilty of not doing anything to help their child entirely.
  22. She gives people with Autism and LGBT people a bad reputation and a very bad name.
  23. He did a video with blackface as Mr. Popo and doing a mockery of African aboriginal dancing, which is very racist. Watch it for yourself.
  24. He collaborated with his own mother Barbara Chandler to say something very nice to school shooters, for example, he giving a shoutout to Adam Lanza and he says Happy Birthday to Nikolas Cruz.
  25. He supposedly goes to Dr. Phil, he rather prefer Dr. Wolf better than him.
  26. Hypocrisy: Despite being an LGBT rights activist, She made homophobic and transphobic remarks in the past, she likes female lesbians rather than male homosexuals, as mention WH/SS #6.
    • He was neutral during his tomgirls days, he was neutral in politics. Nowadays, she was a democratic due to being a supporter of Hillary Clinton.
  27. Lack of knowledge, He thinks China means women, Actually, China was a country, not a gender.
  28. Sometimes, He always blame his autism for his wrongdoings.
    • He urges people to support finding a cure for autism, and beats up a personification of autism in Super Smash Brothers.
  29. Some people thinks that he was now insisting that he is a "tomgirl" and is faking being transgendered to try and trick the LGBT community and the Human Rights Campaign, fight his battles for him, he even got a piercing that he called his "un-clit" which got badly infected. Again, Due to potential violations of Miraheze's Content Policy, we can't link another example.
  30. His considering his obesity, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, refusal to bathe, and the grave uncleanliness of his surroundings, he has an extremely high chance of developing potentially life-threatening medical problems such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart failure, atherosclerosis, and possibly a premature death. At least, He takes a shower daily.
  31. He had his own stupidity, as he gave out his ID, Social security, Birth certificate, and his Drivers' license to show his real himself.
  32. He worked at Wendy's, he was actually fired for doing his Donald Duck impersonation for making a child cried in 2001.
  33. During his Tomgirl days, He and his mother tried to attack Michael Synder and ended up both got arrested and ended up facing multiple charges; hit-and-run (both), misdemeanor assault, trespassing (Chris), and attacking a law official (Barb).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He has been somewhat reformed during the 2011-13 period, his exile from the Internet. He even put his own fan webcomic on hiatus until 2015. But unfortunately, this didn't stop him from later going back to his old ways.
  2. She made peace and build her friendship with Adam Stackhouse as of 2018.
  3. She pledges her support to anime voice actor Vic Mignogna, who was fired for what many have alleged was sexual harassment of younger fans, hinting that she may defend him and support #IStandWithVic.
  4. As stated above, He was doing pretty good doing his Donald Duck impersonation. (as mentioned WH/SS #4)
  5. His actions served are an prime example of how Internet Trolls causing himself can cause drama for clout, especially his crimes.
  6. His parents are not happy when it's comes to crossdress as a Tomgirl and his late Father Bob Chandler said the homophobic F-slur at him. While this doesn't excuse his actions in any way, this indicates that his early life was somewhat hard and he may have had problems with his sexuality since then in 2011.

Participation in the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown

In June of 2007, years prior to his coming-out, he entered in the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown. It was a promotional contest for the PSP re-release of Parappa the Rapper, where contestants were to film themselves performing either Chop Chop Master Onion's rap, Instructor Mooselini's rap, or Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken's rap a capella, with the winner to be selected by PlayStation Underground users in July 2007. The grand prize winner would receive two PSP handhelds and an all-expenses-paid trip to Seattle for the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo. Chris entered, in the vain hopes to win so that he could win the heart of Megan Schroeder, towards whom he made unwanted romantic advances.

For his entry, which took the #7 spot in the Top 10 due to the contest being relatively obscure, Chris elected to perform Chop Chop Master Onion's rap. However, despite claiming that this was the only song he knew from the game, he really didn't know the lyrics all that well. In fact, he never actually bothered to rehearse or learn the lines, and as a result, he actually read them off of a screen in his performance, as reflected in his body language.

He garnishes the video with various effects that seem to come from the PSEye program EyeCreate, including a hilarious caption of "Birthday Boy" popping up during when Chris first does the "duck and turn" part of the song. It could be assumed that Chris did so to make his video look 'nice', but in the end, it made it turn into laughing material. Added to that, it is also against contest rules to change the lyrics of the song that a contestant performs for their entry, and Chris did so, by adding extraneous lyrics to his performance.

After submitting his entry, Chris asked many people to vote for it so that he might have a higher chance of winning. He even went as far as to use sockpuppet accounts for ballot stuffing, which is, of course, cheating.

In July 2007, the grand prize winner was announced as Adam Stackhouse for his and his sister's performance of Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken's rap. Being a spoiled, delusional, and self-centered narcissist, Chris proved to be a particularly sore loser and harbored a long-standing grudge against Stackhouse, feeling like he broke the rules.

On August 3rd, 2007, he sent an angry, whiny, rambling email to Sony execs, blasting them for refusing to award her the Seattle trip, also accusing the company of discriminating against autistic people.

The next day, he raged many times on her PSN blog against Stackhouse and the other Top 3 winners. When people told her to cool it, he told them to shut up, resulting in him getting a temporary ban from PSN moderators. The same day, he sent another angry email to Sony execs, this time enclosing a systematic dissection of why everyone else's video violated the rules while blatantly overlooking her own questionable ethics. Sony later replied with a canned response.

On August 6th, 2007, Chris continued his rampage against Adam Stackhouse by creating a fake webpage designed to show himself as being the true winner, before going around various PSN News posts, leaving comments with a link to the fake webpage attempting to convince others that he is the winner. This eventually resulted in him getting a one-month ban from PSN after he insulted one of the site's moderators.

He escalated his campaign against Stackhouse by making a video in which he shoots at a picture of him and his sister (who at the time was a pre-teenager) with a pellet gun, but its vindictive nature was ruined by an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force blaring in the background, along with the fact that his weapon of choice was a Transformers toy, particularly of Megatron.

In his struggle to be recognized as the rightful winner of the contest, Megan told him that she was glad that he had lost, and that she would not have ever gone with Chris on the Seattle trip even if he won. Chris did eventually apologize to Stackhouse and his sister for threatening them, though not until the following year.[1]


  • He/she was actually one of the winners during the The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog "Watch & Win Sweepstakes" event.
  • Geno Samuel made a Netflix-styled documentary about him/her for 100 parts.





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Even Shinji Ikari acts better and has a more stable mind.

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she used to be a man but she dosent like being a man anymore so her pignas is dead, now she had a vignas. cannot get tits.

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I have autism, but at least I'm not like than manchi- I mean womanchild.


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I'm autistic as well, but I'm very mature.

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I have ADHD but although at times can't control myself i'm not worse like this guy.


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I may have Autism and tend to be a bit childish but even I think she's a major adult baby


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although i'm ADHD i'm very mature and try for not being the worse.


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I’ll address him as “SIR” just to piss him off.


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Even if I have autism, I'm not like this psychotic mentally-ill jerk.


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He does have a unhealthy hatedom.


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The opposite of a trans role model.

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Okay, so I just found out that Chris-chan is ISWV? I was fearing he/she would be KV since even as far back as 2003 (I think?), he/she was very friendly with Monica. Then again, I used to as well from 2016-2019.


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In reedming qualities for reason 2, we should put that He/She went made peace with Adam Stackhouse as of 2018

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This guy makes me sick! Also, should I replace he/she with 'They'since it makes it easier to read.


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I will always refer to Chris-Chan as a male.

Mary Lee Walsh did nothing wrong.


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China does not mean women.

CWC's statement is offensive especially to Chinese and Taiwanese women, and of course other Chinese and Taiwanese people and other women as well.

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