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Chicken Blaster



Chicken Shoot's Alabama-bred cousin
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: Nintendo DS
Nintendo Wii
Release Date: NA: September 15, 2009
EU: February 5, 2010
AU: November 21, 2010 (Wii)
Developer: Frontline Studios
Publisher: NA/EU: Zoo Digital Publishing
AU: Funbox Media

Chicken Blaster is a 2009 shooter video game developed by Polish studio Frontline Studios (the same developer behind Duke Nukem: Critical Mass and M&M's Kart Racing) and published by Zoo Digital Publishing (under the Zushi Games name in Europe) in North America and Europe for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, and Funbox Media in Australia (only for the Nintendo Wii).

Why It Sucks

  1. The game, like Chicken Shoot, basically copies Duck Hunt.
    • This goes as far as the box art, which features an eerily similar, if not identical, chicken to the one from Chicken Shoot.
    • Despite Chicken Shoot's notoriety and Chicken Blaster's lack thereof, Chicken Blaster did everything Chicken Shoot did before, but worse.
    • Interestingly, unlike Chicken Shoot, Chicken Blaster comes with an accessory for the Wiimote and Nunchuk.[1] It does nothing special.
  2. The title screen is lazily constructed and animated, with the only animation being three slow, choppy frames of a sleeping farmer snoozing off and a chicken phasing in and out of existence. This is in direct contrast with Chicken Shoot's watercolor backgrounds and decent frame-by-frame animations.
  3. Most video games would ease you into the gameplay, either with an introduction, a tutorial, a practice mode, or even a simple level set-up that allows you to experiment with the game's controls and mechanics. In Chicken Blaster, you're thrown into a wave of dozens of enemies at once, giving the player little or no breathing room. Even roller coasters give you time to think about what you've gotten yourself into.
  4. Games that feature enemies usually start with a couple enemy types, even RPGs, which typically have a wider variety of enemies than practically every other video game genre. Chicken Blaster presents you with nearly every enemy type right at the beginning.
    • One of the enemies in the game is a stereotypical suicide bomber... Not cool..!
  5. On the topic of enemies, enemy animation is quite lacking, with at least two chickens (an enemy and a boss) effectively stuck in a T-Pose.
  6. There are two stage select screens in the game, with the first stage select screen taking you right into the second stage select screen.
  7. On the topic of stages, the first two stages take place at the farm, but in the stages afterwards, you're either switching time periods or settings without warning.
  8. Like in Chicken Shoot, there's a camera edging mechanic that allows you to move the camera when you point the Wiimote at the edges of the screen. It worked out as well as you'd expect it...
  9. Aiming is a chore not only because of the edging mechanic, but also because of the relatively-fast respawn times of entire clusters of enemies.
  10. Despite being an on-rails shooter (like The House of the Dead among others), you have to move the Nunchuk's control stick up to progress even though other on-rails shooters would automatically let you progress through the level when a wave of enemies is cleared.
  11. Movement can appear directionless at times, like in the Castle level where the player inexplicably Spidermans along the wall to reach a balcony.
  12. There are other weapons, but aside from a BFG knockoff, none of them are worth mentioning, especially with how easy the game is with just the pistol you start with.
  13. You can sit there and do nothing and the enemies hardly attack you if at all.
  14. The environment barely stands out aside from an occasional squirrel that seems to be world-hopping from stage to stage.
    • This also means that items you can interact with barely stand out, which isn't conventional in any on-rails shooter.
    • Speaking of the squirrel, the squirrel loses feathers when shot.. Don't even ask how.
  15. The haunted house stage could be the worst offender out of all the stages in the game.
    • The house itself is just a dimmed house asset with the occasional cropped PNG chicken ghost.
    • Shadows also phase through solid objects, which is an obvious visual glitch.
  16. Bosses exist... And that's about it. They all motionlessly (save for the Snow level boss) move left and right while shooting green eggs.
    • The strategy for defeating all the bosses is the exact same: just shoot a certain number of green eggs until a red weak point appears on the boss.
  17. When the game is completed, you get a still image that says "You finished the fantastic story!", which is a complete lie since the game has no story whatsoever.





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I have this game on ds.


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WTF is this box art for the Wii version? O_O


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North American* box art because in Europe is completely different (as the page shows on infobox)

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