Checkered Flag

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Checkered Flag
If Club Drive is considered horrible, then this is an complete & udder abomination that is disgusting on so many levels!
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Atari Jaguar
Release: NA: 28 November 1994
EU: 28 November 1994
JP: July 1995
Developer(s): Rebellion Developments
Publisher(s): Atari Interactive
Country: United Kingdom

Checkered Flag is a racing game released in 1994 by Atari for the Atari Jaguar. It is seemingly a reboot of an Atari Lynx game of the same name, due to the two games playing rather different from each other.

Why It Sucks

  1. Awful & rotten flat-shaded polygonal graphics that look worse than Stunt Race FX. Forty eight bits less, but a million times more appealing to the eye. Even Hard Drivin' had better graphics & atmosphere in comparison.
  2. Boring, uncomfortably dark flat tracks with practically nothing in the way of scenery, with some looking more like those 3D design projects that would get an F at the course.
  3. There are pitstops, but they serve no purpose at all other than to fool you into thinking there are more mechanics in the game.
  4. Some of the worst framerate issues in a video game ever. This is due to the fact that there isn't even much onscreen, yet it still lags at a low framerate, which truly shows how incompetently made this game was & if there are more things onscreen than usual(which is unlikely to happen much anyway), it will drag down to the point of going below 5 frames a second!
  5. The races drag on for way too long, tournament mode forces you to drive for 10 laps. This, combined with the monotones of the environment, as well as the next issue, it will make the game very rage inducing.
  6. Disgustingly terrible controls with a crazy amount of buffering issues to add to the frustration! To say you'll oversteer a lot would be a huge understatement! Every. Single. Turn will be either an oversteer or an understeer, which will almost always mean crashing into the scenery!
  7. Almost none of the settings change anything, other than either increase/decrease the amount of AI cars, make your car look uglier than the default setting, or slow the game down even further.
  8. No multiplayer mode at all, which is a basic thing that most racing games at this time had!
  9. The AI is so poorly programmed that on certain parts of the track you can actually see the other vehicles slow down and wait for you if you're too far behind! Others barely even do anything than just go around smashing into things every 5 seconds as if they're cheap toy vehicles.
  10. This was a really dismally poor attempt(if you can even call it one) at a darker and edgier reboot, but didn't bother incorporating even as much as an excuse plot or explanations of the darker atmosphere compared to the original of any kind & failed so hard that the series never continued onward.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Most of the music, while not great, are at least ranging from tolerable to decent.


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Checkered Flag holds a rating of 2.58/5 on GameFAQs (based on 24 reviews). Making it the 15th lowest rated game on the Atari Jaguar. It's also rated F on The Video Game Critic.



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