Checkered Flag

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Checkered Flag
Sorry. I only crashed at lap one turn one.
Genre: Racing
Platforms: Atari Jaguar
Release Date: NA: 28 November 1994
EU: 28 November 1994
JP: July 1995
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publisher: Atari Interactive
Made in: United Kingdom

Checkered Flag is a racing game released in 1994 by Atari for the Atari Jaguar.

A similarly named game exists for the Atari Lynx, but it is a different game altogether.

Why It Sucks

  1. Awful flat-shaded polygonal graphics that look worse than Stunt Race FX. Forty eight bits less, but a million times more appealing to the eye.
  2. Boring, flat tracks with practically nothing in the way of scenery.
  3. There are pitstops, but they serve no purpose at all.
  4. Bad framerate, with tons of slowdown.
  5. The races drag on for way too long, tournament mode forces you to drive for 10 laps. This, combined with the monotones of the environment, can make you feel drowsy very quickly.
  6. Bad controls, expect to oversteer a lot.
  7. Bland and forgettable music.
  8. No multiplayer mode.
  9. The AI is so poorly programmed that on certain parts of the track you can actually see the other vehicles slow down and wait for you if you're too far behind!


Checkered Flag holds a rating of 2.58/5 on GameFAQs (based on 24 reviews). Making it the 15th lowest rated game on the Atari Jaguar. It's also rated F on The Video Game Critic.





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The jaguar has been eaten by ps1 and this game stinks

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