Challenge of the Dragon

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Challenge of the Dragon is a 1990 unlicensed beat'em up video game developed and published by Color Dreams for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Times were once serene in the lush lands of Lorin, long before technology and evil. The evil necromancer Demiwind has appeared. As a child, this seemingly harmless soul spent his time idly whittling away the hours with magically insignificant spells. Young Demiwind would make an egg float here, a chicken there, or simply conjure a lizard man or two to do this chores for him. Then disaster and puberty struck, rendering young Demiwind a walking testosterone magic machine with an eye for mischief. Some would maintain that wiping out entire villages by accident on purpose was more than mischief.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ugly graphics. The dragons in the game look very strange and hardly even look like dragons. On the title screen since the person riding the dragon is the same color as the dragon it looks like he has fused with the dragon.
  2. The controls are bad and it constantly feels and behaves like you are moving and fighting on ice, making it easy to suddenly slide off into a bottomless pit.
  3. Even though Sir Burkelot, the character you play as, is holding a sword he mainly attacks by kicking enemies.
  4. The only way to take out enemies is to kick them into holes.
  5. Health potions are not scattered properly throughout the levels.