Centipede (1998)

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Centipede is a remake of the 1980 arcade game of the same name developed by Leaping Lizard Software (The PlayStation version being developed by Real Sports Games) and was published By Hasbro Interactive on the PC and PlayStation and Atari Interactive on the Dreamcast. The game was originally released for the PC in October 1998 and on the PlayStation in May 1999 and the Dreamcast in November 1999 exclusively in North America.

Why It Sucks

All Versions

  1. Confusing gameplay engine.
  2. Slow and choppy framerate.
  3. Very boring and repetitive gameplay.
  4. The boss fights involve a lot of trial and error into them.
  5. Bland and boring storyline involving a young child named Wally being chosen to defeat the Queen Centipede and her minions in the "Shooter".
  6. Poor voice acting and writing in the cutscenes.

Different Versions

  1. The graphics in the PlayStation version look like garbage.
  2. The Dreamcast version has a very poor save system. Every time you save to the VMU, the game creates a separate save file, if anyone of those save files are gone, you lose all your saved data from the game.
  3. The difficulties in the Dreamcast version do nothing to enhance the gameplay.
  4. The PC version has a boring arcade mode instead of the original Centipede.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Good graphics (except for the PlayStation version).
  2. Nice animation in the cutscenes.
  3. Great music.
  4. The Dreamcast version adds a brand new world called Aridia, which is a desert-themed world.
  5. The PS1 and Dreamcast versions include the original Centipede in place of the arcade mode.