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List of games with possible intentionally bad workmanship designed for profit only. These games are not only often sold for extremely high price to lure players who are oblivious to the actual quality of the games, they can also contain lots of false advertising or have completely adulterated game quality description on the box to attract the gullible gamers even more. These games have few or no redeeming qualities, and most of them do not qualify as games at all.

Average games, games that have gone through hell of development or were delayed, free games and

patched or redeemed games cannot be added here! In the case of games with good graphics, controls, soundtrack or front cover: If they do not show any features that could indicate that the game is intentionally poorly made, do not add them to this category. As for unfinished games, if such a state is caused by the publisher forcing the developers to rush a release or executive meddling, when the developers intended to add a lot more to the game, adding such games is also prohibited. To sum it all up, only games with a complete lack of any concern for quality should be added.