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Mobile, or smartphones, has become one of the most popular platforms for video gaming, ever since the introduction of the App Store and Google Play Store in 2008, easy-to-use stores that do not require setup wizards to install applications on these devices. The majority of games on mobile are free to download and play, and focused on arcade genres, but there are still many hardcore styled games in other genres in mobile stores, and some are paid. However, since most of these applications are free-to-play, they require their players to interact with pop-up advertisements or microtransactions in order for the publishers to make money from these games. Some of them disable access to playing them without internet connection, to make the advertisements always show up and therefore always make revenue for the developer.

The mobile game industry has been heavily wounded in the mid 2010s after the rise of various notorious, greedy and sleazy developers who exploit the industry for their own benefits. Even AAA companies share a similar trait, as seen with their P2W spinoff games released for this platform.

Even if the App Store's quality control is much stronger than the Play Store's, both stores are nowadays infested by shovelware due to the popularity of mobile gaming, most infamously from Voodoo, which heavily relies on quantity over quality. This category lists all articles about mobile games on this wiki.


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