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This is a list of games that were reviewed by Darklordjadow1. Initially Jadow focused mainly on crappy Nintendo 64, Wii, and Wii U games, but recently he's extended to also reviewing PlayStation 4 and Steam games.

He also has two series called "Terrors of the Library", where he reviews games from his local library (hence the series title), and "The Dark Side of Steam" where he reviews Steam shovelware. His reviews usually involve him getting pissed off at the game's poor quality. Jadow's main criticisms usually are that the game either has crappy controls, is too boring, or shamelessly rip-off something more popular.

Jadow most of the time reviews bad games that piss him off. However, he's also reviewed some games he does like.

Jadow is notable for making a very detailed two-part summary of the Digital Homicide story and later a rant about Steam Direct's utter failure.

Finally, he is also a user on this wiki: User:DarkLordJadow1

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