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Stuart Ashens
(boop beep, boop beep, beep boop) Hello!
Profile: ashens
Style: Reviewer
Date Joined: Febuary 24, 2006
Twitter: Stuart Ashens
Other Media: Patreon: Ashens
No. of videos: 3,000+
Schedule: One video every 2 weeks
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1.5m+

Dr. Stuart Clive Ashens, also known as Ashens, is a British reviewer who specializes on bootleg toys/game consoles, old foods, collector’s editions content, and to an extremely lesser extent, non-bootleg game consoles and video games, His trademark is reviewing everything on front of his brown sofa.

Sometimes Stuart will judge items he reviews, if he likes them they go to the Shelf of Interesting Items, if they're uninteresting but not crappy they go to the Drawer of Purgatory, and if they're crappy he literally burns them with a blowtorch.

Stuart also used to do a series of videos on obscure bad games, titled Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of, which eventually turned into a series of books.