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Unlike games that try way too hard to be funny and fail at it, these are crappy/mediocre games that can be unintentionally (or intentionally) hilarious, laughable, entertaining, and ludicrous mostly due to their funny glitches, ridiculous moments, and containing funny dialog/one-liners, for example: Silver the Hedgehog's "It's No Use!" from Sonic '06 and the unintentional comedy coming from goofy line deliveries from the voice actors or the characters (especially one's that are used in internet memes) for example: "I'm Super Shag!" from Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase.

This category also includes games that try to be serious, but end up failing and being all the more hilarious as a result, games that are "so bad it's good" also fit into this category, or, they may be bad/flawed games that do have a good or decent amount of comedic and humorous moments in it regardless of it's setting and/or flaws; sometimes this is taken to the point where the creators do show how well aware they are of how the game(s) being silly and was never meant to be taken seriously, which shows how the game was meant to be laughed at by the players and provide comedic value as a result.

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