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"Square Enix's management philosophy is ‘To contribute to the well being of people all over the world by providing the best stories.’ When I joined the company and heard that, I was like ‘Stories, huh…’ To be honest, I'm not really the type of developer who focuses on a game's script. I always emphasize how the game feels and the action, while the story may be a little weak. I wasn’t very good with stories."
Yuji Naka

Having a story in videogames is not mandatory, but important in most concepts. It gives context to the actions that the characters take in the game. A good story is one of the main things that makes a game more engaging. Having a bad story causes loss of engagement and it also makes the game unappealing. It can also make players confused as to what is going on. Badly written stories can also create plot holes in other games in the series, thus downgrading the experience of those other games.


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