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Casper and the Ghostly Trio

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Casper and the Ghostly Trio
Published by Blast! and developed by Data Design Interactive. Quite a ghostly match.
Protagonist(s): Casper
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): PlayStation 2
Release: February 10, 2007
Engine: GODS Engine
Developer(s): Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s): Blast! Entertainment
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Casper

Casper and the Ghostly Trio is an action game based on the ghost character of the same name, released on February 10, 2007, developed by Data Design Interactive and published by Blast! Entertainment.


Wendy the Good Little Witch has been kidnapped! Casper's mischievous uncles Stinkie, Stretch, and Fatso have taken her captive so they can use her magic to rule Ghostland - forever! Help Casper rescue Wendy and stop the Ghostly Trio's wicked plan!

Why It Sucks

  1. Stiff controls. It takes a half a second to get Casper moving.
  2. Poor main menu, where you can clearly see that the title from the box cover has been poorly edited into the screen.
  3. No animated cutscenes to show the plot, but it's used to extend lines from the instructions book.
  4. Some parts don't even make any sense, an example being that Casper is a ghost and yet he can't go through walls.
  5. Data Design Interactive reused the engine for Ninjabread Man, and it shows because a lot of the gameplay elements and HUD elements in that game are also in this game.
  6. Long loading times.
  7. Short length, as usual with Data Design games. Though not as short as Ninjabread Man at least.
  8. Very ineffective attacks from Casper, with him taking about five attacks to kill enemies.
  9. There are only two music tracks for the game.
  10. Difficult mini-games that do not tie in to the story at all, described as "thrilling" on the back of the game cover.
  11. Very little content on this game. This was actually printed on a CD in 2007, being that the file size for the game is about 35 MB. (which you can notice by ripping the disc to an ISO file and compress it to a CHD file)
    • For some reason the Australian version is on a DVD with barely any changes, which is way too small by DVD standards. However the reason might be because some PAL PS2's had trouble reading CD's (which you can fix by opening the consoles to clean their lens or rearrange their disc spinners to the right position).
  12. Very anticlimactic boss battles, most of them are bigger versions of enemies you see & the Ghostly Trio are also too easy to fight as they don't do anything special & you just mindlessly shoot your projectiles at them.
  13. This game was relaunched as "Casper's Scare School" based on the movie of the same name that it's even worse, they didn't add too much changes than the graphics, the level design and that most of the levels are tedious minigames and challenges, also the game doesn't follow the plot of the movie.



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